BGM... Which park has the best BGM?

IYHO ...

1.) Which park do you think has the best "Background Music"?

2.) Which "Attraction" ?

3.) What are your "Top Ten BGM" songs?

.... I really dig "Soarin", "Living Seas" & "Tower of Terror"!



IYHO ...

1.) Which park do you think has the best "Background Music"?

2.) Which "Attraction" ?

3.) What are your "Top Ten BGM" songs?

My initial reaction was...Magic Kingdom. But, the Studios sure does have some very good BGM. I mean, my favorite attraction BGM is there (Tower of Terror) and I really enjoy the Sunset Blvd music along with the TGMR BGM as well.

Hmm...tight race, but I think that overall the Main Street music and Tomorrowland diddys keep my favorite park overall as Magic Kingdom.
1. I really enjoy world showcase, wher I can walk from one music to the next.

2. attraction for me right now is "Soarin"

3. Soarin, The Land, Epcot Fountain Area, Main Street, Great Movie Ride, Spalsh Mountain



A lot has been changed,but I still vote for Epcot.

Entrance Music,Ellen's Energy,Imagination Institute,
Soarin,Innoventions Plaza,Fountain Music,World Showcase Area Music
Park: Disney MGM Studio's
Attraction: Horizons
Top 10 BGM:

1. Great Movie Ride Area BGM
2. The Hollywood Tower: The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror BGM
3. Canada BGM
4. MGM Studio's Entrance BGM
5. Disneyland Main Entrance Plaza BGM
6. Condor Flats BGM
7. Rock N' Roller Coaster Courtyard BGM - Pre Aerosmith Only
8. Paradise Pier BGM
9. Mickey Ave. BGM
10. Mission Space BGM


I've become a big fan of DL's Frontierland music lately. Whenever I go to the park, my first stop in the morning is to get a mocha and take it over to Frontierland and just sit on a bench and relax for awhile. But mostly I think I'm just amused by the fact that they play the Blazing Saddles theme in Disneyland. ;D


I'll probably stir up more than a little controversy with this answer, but what the hey...

For overall theme park BGM, my choice is DCA, with DL a very close second. I really like the choices loops for all the sections of DCA (or at least I did until the Hollywood Pictures Backlot loop was changed), and I really wish Disney would find some way to release the PP BGM.

Why did DL end up in 2nd place? I love listening to the BGM loops for Main Street, Frontierland, and New Orleans Square, but the Fantasyland and Tomorrowland loops are interesting but have never really grabbed my attention (except for the Space Mountain concourse BGM and "There's A Great Big World of Innoventions" in TL).

My favorite attraction BGM loop is the "There's A Great Big World of Innoventions" loop at DL Tomorrowland's Innoventions. I actually prefer listening to it without Nathan Lane's voice track - I'm just weird, I guess.

My top 10:

1. DL Innoventions "There's A Great Big World of Innoventions"
2. DCA Sunshine Plaza BGM
3. DL Esplanade BGM
4. Sleeping Beauty Castle "When You Wish Upon a Star"
5. DL Main Street BGM
6. DCA Paradise Pier BGM
7. DL Frontierland BGM
8. DLP it's a small world BGM
9. HM Graveyard BGM
10. PotC Foyer BGM

Flame retardant suit on, ready for comments . ;)


I'm always a fan of totally original loops compared to ones made up of non original songs, its another thing that keeps Disney unique, which sometimes it feels like they are losing.

EPCOT Center Entrance
WDW Tomorrowland (2003)
WDW Magic Kingdom Entrance
World Of Motion (Load)
Journey Into Imagination (Interior & Exterior)
Universe Of Energy (Ellen & probably original if it surfaces)
WDW Pirates Of The Carribean Entrance

I do however like some non original loops as well.
WDW Tomorrowland (1989)
Reflections Of Earth Pre Show (First)
Wonders Of Life

There may be more, but the ones listed are my favorites (not in any order).


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I think the former Disneyland Main Entrance Loop (1992-2001) was hands down the best BGM loop in any Disney park - I guess you could also includes its variations at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Paris. I enjoyed the wide representation from films and attractions - from the basics like Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion to more obscure like the Swiss Family Treehouse and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Overall, I think early EPCOT Center had the best BGM loops of all the parks.

My top ten:

01. Disneyland Main Entrance Loop (1992-2001)
02. Journey into Imagination Interior Loop (1982)
03. American Adventure Area Loop
04. EPCOT Center Main Entrance Loop (1982)
05. Disneyland Main Street USA Loop (1992)
06. World of Motion Queue Loop (1982)
07. Maelstrom Queue Loop
08. Muppet-Vision 3-D Queue Loop
09. Big Thunder Mountain Queue Loop
10. DCA Art of Disney Animation Lobby Loop

Mouseinfo: What is played in the Mickey Ave. BGM loop? I've never taken notice of the music there and am just curious.



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1.) Which park do you think has the best "Background Music"?

I'm not sure anymore! Up until this year, Epcot, because it had my two favorite area loops - Canada and The Land Interior loop (the sun/moon compilation). Now that The Land has changed, I'm not sure.

I still love the World Showcase loops, but I'm not sure it's enough to trump Disneyland, which has my Critter Country area music, Main Street area music, the NOL Square River loop, AND all that snazzy Christmas stuff.

So. I'll agree with the "Old Epcot" crowd and add Disneyland park a close second.

2.) Which "Attraction" ?

I hope pavilions/lands count as 'attractions' lol.

The Land Pavilion (interior) and Canada Pavilion

Runners up: The restaurant bgms at France, Horizons, Land Pavilion Exterior, Muppetvision 3-D, Main Street (Current and Christmas versions, but I like the ex un-Christmas incarnations too), DL Splash Mtn/Critter Country, Riverfront (New Orleans Square)... yes, I like a lot of things, heh. There are also elements of the '90s WDW Tomorrowland and Wonders of Life loops I love.

3.) What are your "Top Ten BGM" songs?

Oh man. Sunrise, Sunset...the waltz from the old Land Interior loop makes me cry. Sooner or Later from the Critter Country loop. Rainbow connection and It's Not Easy Being Green from Muppetvision. Anything from the Canada loop (yes, even 'Snowbird', lol). The Horizons Theme. The Timekeeper segment in the now-gone Magic Kingdom entrance loop (with the gong and crap). Tomorrow's Child. And there's more. But I have trouble making choices, and I forget stuff. :)