"Best Time of Your Life" correct exit

Before WDW Forever was shut doen did they ever fix the Carousel of Progress mistake??

The track listed as "exit" was NOT the exit music.it was the carousel sound that should have played when the narrator said "welcome to the carousel of....." instead that portion was left with no music on the cd forver system.

The Correct exit music should have been an upbeat march........which was heard when you played the sample on the selection of exit on CD on demand......

and real quick: out of all the various tracks of "If You Had Wings"........why did they select the most unrecogizable version of it to put on the WDW Forever system????



There were several inaccuracies and glitches with the Forever system. Considering it's large scale and only a handful of updates, I thought it was a modest attempt and I always hoped that it would expand and eventually replace the Official Album series.

I'm sure the "If You Had Wings" tracks suffered from some sort of royalty or rights issue that prevented them from being on the system. The one we got WAS the least recognizable, and was probably glazed over by the lawyers.