Best Non-Disney Animated Movie Song?

Alex K

Speaking of the muppets, you can get a free DVD of "The Muppets Take Manhattan" stuck on boxes of Cheerios cereal. I'm not sure if this is in all retail markets. This was just yesterday in the Chicago area.

Never imagined one would get a free full-length movie with a $2.49 (sale) box of breakfast food.


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All in all, the "Charlotte's Web" score IS a veritable smorgasbord ("-orgasbord!") of consistently good tunes...esp. the title song. "Once Upon A December" from "Anastasia" is haunting and memorable, and there'll always be a fond spot for "Wishes and Teardrops" from "The Daydreamer..." even though, as the voice of The Little Mermaid, Hayley Mills was dubbed! (Hmmm...maybe it could be BECAUSE she was...) (Just Kidding!). From television, here are votes for "Eep Op Ork Ah-AH" from "The Jetsons," and Ann Margrock's rendition of "The Littlest Lamb" from "The Flintstones."