Best Disney Singer?


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Who are your favorite singers who have contributed to Disney movies?

Here's a few of mine:
Angela Lansbury
Helen Reddy
Julie Andrews
Elton John
Billy Joel
Phil Collins
Randy Newman


Really interesting list JayMusicG ... even so I personally would not include Randy Newman as a singer for his contribution to Disney movies.

While I certainly would understand if he would be listed as a major contributor as songwriter for Disney in the last years, I do not really see the point in listing him as singer. The only thing he did was some end-titles / title-songs, which I basically would not list as a major contribution as singer - especially compared to such all time greatest as Angela Lansbury or Julie Andrews who contributed their (voice) talent to a whole character.

But interesting list anyway ... because as we all know opinions and tastes differ ... and that is good so.



How about some of the singers who gave us so much joy on various Disney records, sang under title credits or for animated characters, including...

All time favorite of mine is Robie Lester (Disneyland Story Reader, sang "Thomasina" and ghost sang for Eva Gabor)
Bill Lee
Marni Nixon
Thurl Ravenscroft
Sally Sweetland
Loulie Jean Norman
Mike Sammes
Joan Brown
Gloria Wood
Gene Merlino
Sally Stevens
Carol Lombard
Jerry Whitman
Diana Lee
Frances Archer and Beverly Gile

You may not immediately recognize the names, but you have heard their voices hundreds of times.


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Hayley Mills!!, just kidding!

Really though my vote would be Julie Andrews for female vocalist, and Phil Harris for male vocalist.

Altough, I've got to give an honorable mention to Annette Funicello. Sure, she doesn't have the greatest voice, but you can't beat that spunk!
How about if I add Tommy Steele and Fred MacMurray? ;D

I'd also like to add that even though there is no connection to Disney MOVIES, Jean Shephard and Tex Ritter (There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow) hold a special place in my heart. ;)


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Best Disney Singer are :
Julie Andrews
Lea Salonga
Jodi Benson
Judy Kuhn
Illene Woods
Shelby Flint
Helen Reddy
Paige O'Hara
Susan Egan
Angela Lansbury

- MALE -
Roger Bart
Brad Kane
Samuel E.Wright
Tom Hulce
Robin Williams
Phil Harris
Dicky Jones
John Goodman
Gary Orbach
Jason Weaver

Christina Aguilera
98 Degrees
Phil Collins
Bette Midder
Sarah McLachlan
Jeniffer Love Hewwit
Elton John
Peabo Bryson
Celine Dion
Regina Belle
Roberta Flack

That's my opinion


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While naturally agreeing with most all the classic-era choices above, I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned Cliff Edwards (aka "Jiminy Cricket")...although of course, Julie Andrews comes first and foremost to mind. Norma Zimmer (yes, from the Lawrence Welk show) can be thanked for some lovely, and frequently uncredited work: solos in the titles of "Song of the South" and "Cinderella," lead "floral vocals" in the Original Tiki Room, and too many film and theme park background vocals to mention. Since Annette was referenced above, remember too the Mouseketeers who were the show's principle singers--Tommy Cole and Darlene Gillespie. Lastly--how about the great Betty Taylor, "Slue Foot Sue" of the Disneyland Golden Horseshoe, and on records and the occasional attraction as well?


Welcome to the board, Eglantine. I'm glad you mentioned Cliff Edwards. He certainly deserves to be mentioned in the list of great Disney singers. What a touching and classic performance he gave on "When You Wish Upon a Star" and others.

Wow. I did not know that Norma Zimmer sang on those Disney recordings. I just took out my Cinderella CD to listen to the main title. I'm surprised that after all this time I didn't recognise her voice. Probably because I've listened to that record so many times since I was little that I never made the connection.

Any of you remember the episode of the Lawrence Welk show that was a tribute to Disney? I used to have it on video, but taped over it. :( It had some nice performances of the Disney classics on it. Joanne Castle gave a great rag time piano performance of "Whistle While You Work". The finale of the show was all Mary Poppins.

Glad you reminded us of Darlene Gillespie, too. Her work on the album of "Alice In Wonderland" was beautiful. Love to hear her sing "All in the Golden Afternoon". Her performance as Alice tops that of the original soundtrack.