Being a Show-Off...

Now it says "toot".

An obsure reference to a Disney Classic as suggested by Mr. Thornton.

Or a reference to the low brow humor evidenced in the opening credits of Shrek otherwise known as Puumba's Problem :-[
Could be a good way to discourage new posters! ;)

Jeff in Orange County


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Ayep...I read Randy' suggestion a few days back and am SO proud that I am One Big Toot . i thought it was the MEN of the world who are the producers of that much methane? I know my husband is. So's my dog .

(a Toot who doesn't toot)
I noted my first real chuckle on the newly redecorated board..
great response..

but .. Sharon,
It's not just your Man .. it's Men.. 18 years of marriage speaking here.

Enjoy the roses , even they need fertilize. ;D


Active Member first chuckle. I feel so HONORED! And yes, I know the problem is MEN and not just MY man. ONE man cannot make as much methane as the world requires a collective toot. Women, of course, as you WELL know, don't DO such things.

And hence is our first message that has gone COMPLETELY off topic. From Disney Music to Categorizing to Farting. And you know who we can thank for this?

Randy .

But Sharon, doesn't the biggest methane toot of all arise from the FreshKills?! ;D

I just don't want you to forget your strong New York roots. Thats all. ;)


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You got me there . Actually, Staten Island is only PART of my roots. I was born in Brooklyn. "Only" lived in Staten Island from age 10 to 34 . And yes, Fresh Kills DID produce a LOT of methane. Wiseguy....

Yo! Brookyn!

No wonder you enjoy Newsies so much! ;D

I also liked Frank Sinatra's character in "Anchors Aweigh". What does he call Brooklyn in that movie? Is it "the city of homes and churches"?


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Yeah, "Bruklyn." So whatcha gonna do about it, huh?

Actually, I only had a MILD Brooklyn accent at best (or worst ), which was totally gone by the time I hit college since I went to college in NJ. And now I'm sounding more like a southern gal, saying "wahter" instead of "water" every once in a while .

Congrats on making Message #11. (showing off again) I'm up to 21.