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I want to thank you for your work on the Bedknobs and Broomsticks soundtrack. I love it!

I really enjoyed hearing the demos of "Solid Citizen" and "The Fundamental Element," and I had no idea that there were more verses to "Old Home Guard."

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!



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I just wish the CD wasn't so darn short! There's more than half of the CD left to put music on!

The Happiest Millionaire is also short. Oh well, I guess it's the best we'll get.


Is the Bedknobs CD exactly like the old LP release? Are there any other differencies than the demo tracks?


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Except for the extra tracks, it's exactly the same as the old Buena Vista LP soundtrack. A little disappointing... I thought maybe the songs would be in the same order that they appeared in the film at least... but this is a minor point... especially since no version of either the Bedknobs or Millionaire soundtracks has been available for thirty years or more!

By the way, Randy has performed sheer magic on both of them .... a definite improvement on the quality of the sound!!! And the extras are fun, too.

Just my two cents....



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i have to argee with everyone and say thanks randy i have been waiting along time for these to hit cd's when i was younger i drove my parents nuts going to used record stores to find the happiest millionaire soundtrack and now 20 years later here it is on cd in my hands.

thanks randy

brian ;D


i have yet to find either of these cds in any of my local music stores. could somebody post the track-listings for both B&B and HM?



I listened to both discs in the car and cranked up the volume. Sheer bliss. BEDKNOBS has always been a favorite, so it was nice to hear it with crystal clarity. The bonus tracks are fascinating, "Solid Citizen's" gallows humor sort of suggesting the same wicked humor of "What a Comforting Thing to Know" in "Slipper and the Rose."

Even more spectacular is Randy's miraculous work on MILLIONAIRE. The dreadfully over reverberated soundtrack LP really did not do justice to the Shermans nor the great Jack Elliott arrangements. It's truly like hearing it again for the first time!

Forgive this for sounding a little "over the top," but to paraphrase Reverend Ford in POLLYANNA, "We ought to get on our knees and thank God for sending... Randy to Disney." Please keep in mind that the praise he gets for these projects comes from folks like us and rarely from those who should also be providing it to him.


Here are the tracklists: :)

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Old Home Guard, The
Age Of Not Believing, The
With A Flair
Step In The Right Direction, A
Eglantine / Don't Let Me Down / Eglantine - (reprise)
Portebello Road
Portebello Street Dance
Beautiful Briny, The
Substitutiary Locomotion
Eglantine - (reprise) / Portebello Road - (reprise)
Nobody's Problems - (bonus track)
Solid Citizen - (bonus track)
Fundamental Element (bonus track)

The Happiest Millionaire

What's Wrong With That
Watch Your Footwork
Valentine Candy
Strengthen The Dwelling
I'll Always Be Irish
Bye-Yum Pum Pum
Are We Dancing
I Believe In This Country
When A Man Has A Daughter
There Are Those
Let's Have A Drink On It
It Won't Be Long 'Til Christmas - (bonus track, single version)
Off Rittenhouse Square - (bonus track)


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Reissues of favorite Disney soundtracks are always a treat. Only if you consider the new trend of archiving classics soundtracks to classic films. Disney is the only one not on par with other studios. 20th Century Fox and Turner/MGM have made their archives available for many eager record labels to release great works to the public in amazingly expanded lengths. Disney happens, as of late, to fail to deliver the goods as it were of their fantastic musical legacy. When Disney began their remastering series of vintage animated movie scores, each release featured over 50 minutes of music. Snow White had over 70 minutes!
Perhaps at that time, due to the extreme success of new Disney animation, there excess funds that could be generously allocated to the restoration of music. That would resonably explain the recent lack of additional music on the latest Disney releases of Bedknobs, Pete's Dragon and Tron (which was about fifty minutes long in it's original release)
The desired way that Disney should do a reissue is to make more never before released soundtracks as they finally did for 101 Dalimations or make an official release of The Rescuers with songs and some of the original score, minimum track time 40:00. Wishes like these are just that, wishes. Randy had made it clear that money is an issue, so for now we have to make due with the simple reissues.

At least at $7.99 Bedknobs and Millionaire are a very good deal and I can mow lay my LPs to rest.

If were lucky maybe Disney will snag the rights to Charlotte's Web and Snoopy Come Home and remaster them on CD. Both these films feature music by the Sherman Brothers.