Beauty & The Beast On Broadway

Hey friends,
just wanted to let you all know. I know we have mentioned this in previous posting. Ashley Brown (The Original Cast of Disney's on The Record) She is now on Broadway in the role of Belle. If you get a chance to see the show with her as Belle, YOU MUST SEE HER!!
She is Belle! Ashley brings teh song "A Change in Me" to a new level. Her voice is amazing and she does such an amazing job! Go See it!

Your Pal,
LOVED her in "On the Record" and "B&B". The night I saw her in OtR, she had JUST found out about getting Belle.
She was very sweet and humble.
I am very happy for her! Yay for Poppins!
She's gonna be great!


I saw her in On the Record and agree wholeheartedly with singing her praises. She's a wonderful talent. Does anyone know how much longer she'll be in B&B?