Beauty and the Beast Stageshow


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i recentley saw the beauty and the beast show at disney world. the show had changed. its now better. it starts from when belle sings in her town to when she goes to the beast's castle. they sing beour guest with the objects. she then meets the beast. they sing something there and then it goes to kill the beast. the ending is about the same.
things that are new:
- actors represent the story in the beginning part w/the enchantress
- "belle" is sung after the story
- gaston proposes to belle after the song "belle"
- "belle (reprise)" is now sung after that
- there are doors instead of a window that lead up the stairs. the doors usted to be only in the beginning part.
- a short dialouge is added to the beginning of "the mob song"
- the prince is in rags when transformed
- belle has her same blue cape on as before. they then dance in the castle to the song "beauty and the beast"
- the door (orrigionally a window) is replaced by curtains. they open in the middle as belle and the beast come out in there ending outfits.
- they all take bows at the end - dancers, gaston, enchantress, objects, belle & prince

does anyone know when the date the show closed and when it reopened?

which one did you like better?

Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage (MGM, Disney World: 1991 - 2001)
Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage (MGM, Disney World: New Version 2001 - present)
Beauty and the Beast Live! (Disneyland: 1992 - 1995)
Beauty and the Beast (Disneyland Paris: 1992 - 1997)
my vote is for Disneyland's. (I did not see DLP's)
The B&B show at MGM made us sick with the garish costumes and the scattered story. We saw it in 1996, the last time I was in WDW. DL's followed the storyline and was the pattern (so I'm told for the Bway play) A VERY tight show. It's last performance in 95' was attended by us die hards and it was a cheer laden affair.
It made way for Pocahantas, whaich was stellar in its own right.


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I don't think I saw B&TB in DL. I know that I've never been thrilled with the version at WDW and haven't gone back to see it in YEARS and years. I saw the DLP version in May 1996...well done, except of course, it was performed in French so if we didn't know the storyline, it would have been wasted on us (as I recall, we 3 Americans made our own subtitles because we knew it so well anyway ).

I wouls have to say that my very favorite version was the original Broadway one, with Susan Egan .



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I love the Broadway version......
The music & costumes are amazing.
I love the "Beauty and the Beast" sequence.