Beauty and the Beast CD


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Why dont they make a Soudtrack for the Beauty and the Beast Stageshow at Disney MGM Studios, the Newer 2001 version of it?


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I don't know the reason, but my guess would be it has something to do with the fact that the show is done by Equity performers. Probably some contract rule???

The only WDW stage show I can recall ever making it to CD was the Hunchback show when they had the WDW Forever was on for only a very short period of time and included no voice singing...just background music.

Sharon's right!
I work at WDW in ent. and I was inquiring about getting a recording of two of my favorite performers at Festival of the Lion King and I was told that due to equity contract, they couldn't be professionally recorded in any way. (but bring a tape recorder or video camera any time ya like!)

Also, I have that Hunchback recording from the WDW Forever System and mine has full vocals by the recorded chorus and the equity singers (Quasimodo, Clopin, Esmeralda and the Gargoyles). But only them singing, no dialogue. So Sharon, if you have that show with NO equity singers, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me!!

Also, Festival of the Lion King has a CD for guests to purchase. It's (pretty much) the opening cast. I guess they signed off on having their recorded voices sold to the masses (or however those kind of contracts work- I won't pretend to know).

Other stage shows with Equity singers that made it to WDW Forever System:
*Voyage of the Little Mermaid
*Beauty and the Beast (the "old" version that changed in 2001)
*Pocahontas stage show (MGM)
*Journey Into Jungle Book (AK)
There may be more, those are just the ones I have.

Hope the info helps!



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Wow Tommy, you have me beat! But I'm glad I was on the right track.

I don't have the WDW Forever Hunchback CD I was talking about...a friend of mine does (I actually don't have ANY WDWF CDs...kept figuring I'd get them "next trip" and then sudenly they were gone) and I haven't heard it in years and years. I'm sure it's the same version that you have, though. Actually, I'd like to hear it, to see if I recognize any of the voices (a LOT of the AdvClub CMs had worked at HBOND either before or after their tenure @ the AC)...I'll have to ask him if I can borrow it.



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the changes in 2001 were:
- the openning scene with the dialogue now features actors reinacting the scene
- the curtain opens with the song "Belle"
- gaston and belle now have dialogue after the song is ended
- "Belle (reprise)" is now sung
- Belle is now featured in the song "Be our Guest"
- gaston has new dialogue with the beast & belle in the fighting scene
- the beast transforms differently & is featured in his ripped clothes
- the stained glass window at the top of the stairs is now closed drapes that open towards the end to feature belle & the prince


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Beauty and the Beast really is a better show now; but I'd still trade it any day to get Hunchback of Notre Dame back.