Battle Cry Of Freedom - The Blockade House


Call me clueless, but I was curious as to the origins of the "Battle Cry Of Freedom - The Blockade House" track off the 50th set. Is this somehow related to a cabin or house on the Rivers of America?

X-S Tech

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I believe this is one of the selections that plays at the Frontierland Entrance, and is music from the Ken Burns Civil War series- not the commercially released stuff but the larger unreleased soundtrack.
That's correct-- back during the construction of Disneyland Paris-Eddie Sotto was able to purchase the ENTIRE soundtrack to Ken Burns Civil wars series----the comercially sold cd only had about 18 or so tracks from a weeks work of music. The FULL soundtrack was used at most Disney parks in some format .

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Can anyone comment on why this particular track was included in the 50th Anniversary box set? I fully understand DC-88's answer regarding Disney's purchase of the larger body of work but for music from this 2002 series to be included there must be a story somewhere. Was it the short track length? Is it a homage by Randy?

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I don't have a definitive answer but perhaps it was simply to have some Frontierland Area music that wasn't part of their "Wild West Film" loop. As for this particular piece- why not?
X-S; can you tell me if it still plays in the park? I intentionally 'listened' for it in July (what a wonderful day) but didn't hear it. Thanks.


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All of the songs in the loop are pretty short. I have noticed the left blockade house playing the tracks which seem to be coming out of the top where the guns would be used.


When I was at Disneyland about a month ago I heard it playing from the left stockade building. That was the first time I even noticed music in that area, believe it or not, and I specifically remember "Battle Cry of Freedom".
Excellent - I will need to keep this in mind next time I visit. Thanks to all for helping me out!