Bambi 2 soundtrack: Observations & Questions

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Those who know me won't be surprised to learn that I rushed out to pick up the Bambi 2 soundtrack on the day of release, thanks to the inclusion of 6 tracks by the incomparable Bruce Broughton. Alas, only 9 minutes of his 50+ minute score is included on the cd, but what's there is beautiful and, well, 'Broughtony'... in other words, just what I was hoping for. The main theme reminds me of Broughton's theme for EPCOT's film "The Making of Me." The song "Sing the Day," which was also composed by Broughton, is terrific as well.

Here are my two questions which I put to anyone who has acquired the dvd:

First, is "Sing the Day" actually included in the movie?

And second, how long do the end credits run, and what music is played over them? On the cd there is a track that runs 3:35 entitled "Bambi and the Great Prince/End Credits Suite," but it doesn't sound at all like an "end credits suite." I was wondering (hoping) that perhaps the dvd end titles included an actual suite taken from the score, although I'm betting that one of the forgettable pop songs included on the soundtrack cd has been given that honor. I would love it if the end titles included an extended instrumental suite as in "The Three Musketeers" dvd.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

Thanks for the post, Jim--I didn't know of Bruce's involvement. The CD certainly sounds like a go, because of his involvement, but.....are you getting the DVD???


Dr. Know

I'm only interested in the dvd if the end credits have additional score not included on the cd... hence my question.

No, Jim......I say resist.....don't do any such hopping or plopping just yet! I like your approach--"musical triaging" of these questionable sequels, or prequels, or whatevers......



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The end credits begin with "Through Your Eyes" (cd track 3), move on to "The Healing of the Heart" (cd track 4), and finish with approx. 40 SECONDS of score.

I borrowed the DVD from my boyfriend, who got the DVD for free to review, and I don't have the cd so I can't comment on whether it's the same "suite" or not. From what I can gather, it's a statement of the 'main theme'.

Throughout the various disc menus I've counted 5 different bits of music that can be heard:

Main Menu (Spring): 20 sec
Main Menu (Winter): 20 sec
Scene Selection 1&2 / Audio Options / Captions: 50 sec
Scene Selection 3 / Setup: 45 sec
Scene Selection 4 / Bonus Features: 40 sec

Again, I don't know whether any of them are on album or not.

I'm a fan of Broughton's work, but this one didn't do anything for me, personally. Maybe I need to grab the soundtrack and give it a listen on it's own.

Hope this helps at least a little! ;)

Dr. Know

Hope this helps at least a little! ;)

THANK YOU... That's exactly what I was looking for. And based on what you have posted, I'm sure glad I didn't follow Bill's advice.

The score tracks on the cd are really nice. Just don't pay more than $10 for it.