Hi Folks...

A cautionary tale here....if you store music on your computer...back it up regularly. I lost my hard drive last week containing 2118 mp3s...most of them Disney tracks. It was the result of a year's work importing, organizing, burning LPs, trading, cleaning up...and it's all gone.

I used both Norton Antivirus and Norton Personal Firewall. I didn't take chances downloading questionable material. I was playing it safe.

So please, back it up today.



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YOUCH! But I hear what you're saying...I am not good at all when it comes to backing up my HD and besides my music, I've got some things that I'd never be able to get again. Thanks for the reminder!


Alex K

With all the family photos on my HD (haven't used film in the past couple of years) and a LOT at WDW :D I've been so paraniod that every file I have of value is stored on two separate HDs at the same time, and I even burn CDs of the stuff and store a copy at the office. Does it sound like I've been burned before? It is very painful. If it is a mechanical failure, and you can afford it, there are data recovery services that will open up the drive in clean room and attempt to get it working long enough to extract all the files.