Back up and running


The forum has been down for almost two weeks due to upgrades by my ISP. Time sure does fly... The forum software hadn't been updated for over 5 years. I had to perform 4 upgrades to get to the latest version. The red Mickey theme doesn't work with this version, so I may just leave it with the default look and put a logo in place.

I'm sure some things aren't working right so please let me know. Just post here if you'd like. It seems that old private messages may not have transferred properly. I can see my old sent messages but not the ones I received (although I can see the message count).

Thanks for your patience everyone!



Yep, great to see the site back, and glad to see the forum upgrade.

I hardly ever post - but visit the site two or three times a day, usually reading everything - so I'm very glad you're back up and running!