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I love the Disneyland 6 CD set, it's amazing! But now that it has been completed, let's see some new titles on the Wonderland system, so the park doesn't get tired of hosting it!

Song of the South
Camarata: 33 Great Disney Motion Picture Melodies
Camarata Interprets Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Camarata Conducts Music from Cinderella and Bambi
Saludos Amigos
The One and Only Genuine, Original Family Band
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
Songs from Annette and other Walt Disney Serials
Songs of Zorro and other Walt Disney TV Heroes
Songs from The Sword in the Stone
In Search of the Castaways
The Moon-Spinners
That Darn Cat!
The Shaggy Dog
Songs from The Mickey Mouse Club
More Songs from The Mickey Mouse Club
We're the Mouseketeers
Mouseketeer Song Fest
(All of Annette's LPs)
Mary Martin Sings and Tells the Story of Sleeping Beauty

Bravo... and... more more more....!

X-S Tech

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It's the park that needs to step up and pay WDR for new titles. If the park gets tired of what's available on the system, it's not because WDR isn't forthcoming with new material.
I'm actually hoping that the Wonderland system will expand on the box set sooner than later. Like, for instance, giving us an album including the Disneyland Railroad. Randy said he couldn't figure out how to make it work on the box set, but he could include Disneyland Railroad narration from several different eras if it had its own cd. There's probably audio of Walt speaking of his enthusiasm for trains too so that could go on there as well. Parades, shows, underscores...etc are things that could go on the Wonderland system too. My parents have home movie footage of the Bicentennial Parade which I'd love to sync up with some sounds with the actual parade. All this in addition to continuing reissues from Disneyland Records that have never seen the (laser)light of the CD era.
There are some "new" compilations and such I'd like to see too... certainly a box-set of the Saludos Amigos/Three Caballeros/Blame it on the Samba music, both soundtrack and vinyl re-recordings... and another from the "package films" of the 40's (Make Mine Music, Melody Time, Ichabod, etc.). These songs are hard to get.

And how about a Disney Lounge compilation or The Best of Camarata or The Best of Hayley Mills or a compilation of otherwise-impossible-to-get-and-not-on-LP Disneyland/Vista singles?

David S.

I agree completely!

The music from the Latin American films and "package films" from the 40's is in my opinion some of the catchiest, most colorful, and most overlooked Disney music of all time. I'd love to see it get released, as well as Song Of The South and So Dear To My Heart, also from that era.

Ahh, Wonderland!

Well, you?ll be happy to know that things are still moving forward. We have some things to work out, but you should start seeing some new titles in a couple of months ? God willing and the creek don?t rise. I have some unique surprises for you and I may be able to upload more than the Five Titles a Quarter seeing it?s been so long since the last update. I really appreciate your PATIENCE and support on this little endeavor!!! We?re still working on making the system easier use and have already taken some steps to make Wonderland more visible. You?ll see some definite progress at the 20th Century Music Company display very soon!!

Though I can?t commit on what titles we?ll be issuing, as we continue to do our research, but you may need to dust off your old mouse ears if all goes as planned. There?s other great titles in the works too!

You may also know that next year is Walt Disney Records 50th anniversary. We?re not planning anything really big ? like a box set or something, but you may see some of our great retro recordings at your local music store ? ya never know.

Also, don?t be too surprised if The Wonderland Music Store has a presence in Florida within the coming months. And it looks more like sooner rather than later.

The news is all good! I?ll keep you posted as things move forward.

Randy Thornton
I will not go too crazy or anything, but I am here in a break area at work and I read your post and got SOOOO excited! As a WDW cast member, our only access to the Wonderland System is via phone orders and internet (buddies!)...
If there were to be a system here in Florida, you would make myself and countless others VERY happy.
Again, I know nothing is IMMEDIATE and I am, indeed a very patient person. THANK YOU for making my day a little brighter (it's a very gloomy day here at WDW- lotsa clouds and rain!).
Keep up all your hard work and congrats on all your recent succes!

Thanks again!



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Randy, I know that getting Wonderland Music Store kiosk installed in Florida will be a major thing, do you think there is any possibility that the World of Disney Store in NYC will be able to get kiosk as well? I ask for two reasons; one, because the store is operated by the Parks and Resorts division; and two, I live close to the store, and would love to be able to pick up the CD's locally! That would be a dream come true.
Thanks, Randy, as always.

I do hope the Wonderland system software can get the needed improvements - - it rarely seems to work properly, so I've taken to just ordering the titles I want at the counter to save on delays and confusion.

Can't wait to hear what the new titles will be, but I will try to be patient. I'm always afraid you'll disappear from the Company before I get all the titles I want - - and without you we would likely never hear from the classic titles again.

Keep it going!

I hope the spectacular sales of the Disneyland set are catching the right MBA eyes in the system and it will result in more chances taken to get the good stuff on the shelves in the future.

Good luck!


Wonderland going into WDW? GREAT

BUT what about the DISNEYLAND RESORT PARIS?? It IS the premier stopping point for EUROPEAN Disney Fans and it IS operated by Disney, so I think it would be natural to open a location here too. Right now ordering the CDs from the US-parks is prohibitive expensive due to the shipping and handling costs Delivears / WDW mailorder imposes on international orders.

So please, say that there his hope...



I just aquired an incomplete copy of "Roy Rogers tells and sings about Pecos Bill" and its really fun! I would LOVE to see this appear on the Wonderland System.

The only problem, Its only about 15 to 20 minutes long.


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I wonder what Randy means when he says "dust off your old mouse ears" what do you think? do you think that mean music from the old mickey mouse shows? :D


I just aquired an incomplete copy of "Roy Rogers tells and sings about Pecos Bill" and its really fun! I would LOVE to see this appear on the Wonderland System.

The only problem, Its only about 15 to 20 minutes long.

Well, some of the titles already available are hardly longer than 25 minutes anyway!

I believe the Wonderland Store can only carry items own by Wonderland and Buena Vista subsidiaries....
Great news about Florida coming on board!

s8ntmark--the Roy Rogers record is essential--I have it on a 45; also, along the same lines--and on 45's--are the stories of Paul Bunyan, narrated by the now late Thurl Ravenscroft, and Johnny Appleseed, narrated by Georgie Russell himself, Buddy Ebsen. I have my original Johnny Appleseed and Paul Bunyan records(I did upgrade to a SEALED Paul Bunyan 45 I came across on eBay a few years ago!), which are still great to listen to--definitely add all three to the Wonderland list--even as a three-for-one CD, as the recordings are short, as you mentioned--it'd make a great "American Legends" CD(which I actually did with my recordings, tacking on the audio to the recent John Henry animated short).

Which does raise the question, Randy--Wonderland has only addressed LP releases--what about all the classic 78/45 recordings(hmmmm.....the 78's, in particular, would be problematic--non-Disney labels......)? Which just reminded me--my Roy Rogers/Pecos Bill 45 is on RCA, so that's probably untouchable for Wonderland......

Does Randy have access to more than just the Disneyland/Buena Vista LPs? How about the 45/78s singles on DL/BV. How about a compilation of some "Little Gems" LG or "Disney Big Record" DBR?

I don't see why he wouldn't have access to the DL/BV 78/45's; the question would seem to be how to package them--a series of compilations, as you suggested, would be great!