Back from my 1st trip to DL!

Jessica L

Hi all! I used to post here a while ago, but school and other things kept me away. I just returned from a fantastic week-long Disney Magic cruise to the Mexican Riveria AND my very first trip to Disneyland! My DL trip has suddenly gotten me back into my long-time passion for Disney music and I knew I needed to make a trip to this forum.

I fell in love with the "Remember... Dreams Come True" fireworks show while there - we saw it twice and we were only there 3 days! It has all of my favorites - including MSEP, America Sings and Adventure Thru Inner-Space. I was so excited when I heard those old themes that I was literally jumping up and down (yes, I'm a child at heart :) ).

I bought the 2-disc OA while there, and have been listening to it non-stop. However, the track for Remember is #11, when it should be #19 on the second disc - does anyone else have a CD with this error?

I finally got to experience all those great DL attractions - especially those that have been retired from WDW. What a treat it was to see the Tiki Room in its original state! I still can't believe the Country Bears were removed to make way for that horrible Pooh ride...
The new Space Mountain music sounded great. I was bummed when I heard they were taking out the old music (which I love) but the new track is great (I'm already addicted to the abbreviated version on the OA).

But one of the highlights was riding Splash Mountain and getting to see all of the old America Sings characters.
Which reminds me - is the website that had a full attraction video still around? I lost the link a while back and can't find it again. I hope it still exists as I would love to watch it now that I have seen all of them "live."

Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say "hi" and that I have missed this forum so much since I've been gone. Hopefully I will be able to stop in more in the future!


Jessica L

Thank you so much Chris!
And I love your website - I just stumbled across it after seeing it mentioned on one of the threads here. It's a great resource!


Dr. Know

Is it my imagination, or was there a post here from Randy Thornton earlier today? I just got back from DL and also bought the 2-disc OA, and was surprised that the order of the tracks on the second disc does not match the artwork. Other than that, I'm quite pleased with the set. I know I read earlier that "Just One Dream" couldn't be re-released... its too bad we couldn't have been given the exit music as a replacement.


Jessica L

Ah thanks for the link - and thank you Randy for clearing that up! I don't mind, it just scared me when I went to Track 18 and heard the ToT theme.

Now why is it that "Just One Dream" can't be re-released? That has to be one of my all-time favorite Disney songs. It can bring a tear to my eye if I'm in the right mood. I was hoping that it would have been on this 2-disc set, but if there are "behind the scenes" reasons as to why, then I guess that makes sense. I'm just glad I have a copy of it. :)

And danny - what song was removed? And did it play at WDW as well? My mom swears that a single bird used to rise up in the center (the Rosita that Jose refers to) and sing a song, but I can't remember it too well.

I sure do miss the old Tiki Birds - everyone that I saw was really enjoying it. I think it's become such a cult hit, much like the MSEP. I hope DLR never loses their version, like WDW's poor excuse for a show.

And speaking of the MSEP - what a treat it was to see it in DCA! I was like a little child again watching that parade, especially when my Elliott came down the street. The crowds were 4-5 people deep and everyone was dancing and getting into it. Glad to see some old favorites never lose their audience. :)

Thanks everyone!

X-S Tech

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Well it's not that Just One Dream couldn't be released, but it would have been EXTREMELY cost prohibitive to do so (and not in a Disney-being-cheap sort of way). Turns out after they shelled out a TON of money to just have it put on the DCA album, it turns out that that contract was for a one time only release- meaning any new releases necessitate a new contract and more money.