To answer my own question, the new BABES IN TOYLAND dvd was released full frame. The OAR was 1:85 to 1. Needless to say, mine is going back with some harsh words for the folks who put this out.

You know...I really thought that they had gotten their act together after the wonderful Swiss Family dvd...

I'm sure all of the soccer moms want full screen so they can share this movie with their children. Kids all over the country will be singing Lemonade...have a Lemonade.



Thanks for the headsup! dissappointing :'(. You've saved me from making purchase I would have regretted. It's weird that Disney doesn't put "Babes" into the same category as "Old Yeller" and "Swiss Family..." and give it full treatment. I think it's a real classic and would have much rather seen it get a restoration plus extras than that weepy "Pollyanna."

Anyway thanks again, you've saved me $20.00. Now that I have a wide screen TV I won't purchase DVDs that aren't in their original aspect ratio and anamorphically enhanced. I hate those darn black bars on the sides of panned scanned movies that wastes my screen area and makes the picture smaller. ( I sound like a soccer mom right? ;) )


Well it isn't only the classics that are getting the pan-n-scan shaft...since no one went to see THE COUNTRY BEARS, Disney feels that the movie deserves only a pan-n-scan treatment on DVD. Another family film from Disney that doesn't even rank a "family-friendly wide-screen" release.