Awesome New Disney Theme Park Patriotic CD

X-S Tech

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OK well it doesn't actually exist but it could! I was thinking about all the stuff floating around out there and I realized that there's a lot of Patriotic material. Disney could compile it all and do a great CD for the 4th of July. Even just using stuff that they've already released it would be a full CD but they could probably even fill 2CD's if they wanted to get really thorough and release whole attractions as opposed (or in addition to) just pieces.

Here's what it could include:

1.American Adventure stuff
2.Voices of Liberty selections (the group from EPCOT)
3.Hall of Presidents stuff (selections, instrumentals, speeches, etc...)
4.Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (any or all versions of the show, music, speeches, rec. sessions.)
5.America on Parade
6.Fantasy in the Sky Patriotic Finale
7.Finale from MSEP

Can anyone think of anything else? I also thought it would be cool to do a track of Press Conference recordings for Disney's America Theme Park. If they ever revive the idea for that park maybe this CD would make a good promotional item.

Jessica L

I had contemplated such an idea around the patriotic boom following 9/11. I was thinking of making one for my own personal enjoyment, but just never got around to it. This would be an excellent CD for Disney to release.


Dr. Know

Your subject header got me all excited... oh, well, we can always dream, or follow Jessica's advice and make our own, since this will probably never happen.

I always thought the score to that old circlevision film, American Journeys, was excellent. Let's add that to the playlist, shall we?

And although it concerns only a specific part of the country, Jerry Goldsmith's score to Soarin' is a great addition to any compilation, a rousing piece in his Americana mode.


X-S Tech

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Yes I considered a couple of things from DCA (soarin and Golden Dreams) but ultimately I figured that there was no shortage of truly patriotic stuff. But they were strong considerations.

I've had this CD planned for a while myself, it's just such a natural thing that's dying to be done. There's so much great artwork and photos out there that it would be so easy to do this.

I second the American Journeys idea and would also add the other American films done in CircleVision or Circarama for the parks. Not to open the Floodgates but is there anything else on Main Street that should be included? I hesitate to include Main St. Area Music because one could also rationalize the Frontierland Area Music, Sailing Ship Columbia stuff, etc... It would be nice to keep it somewhat focused.

Dr. Know

How about something from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show? I LOVE that George Fenton score .... and Listen to the Land?


What about some recordings from the Voices of Liberty?