Attraction Video Wanted

This has been a good year for me of late in terms of finding new video of Disney rides past and present (from generous people in these and other boards as well as the new influx of material from Extinct Attractions Club), but there still remains a few items that remain elusive to me and if anyone can help out, I'd appreciate hearing from you to discuss trade.

Disney World/EPCOT
-Hall Of Presidents. The original 1971-1993 program only! The audio from the LP is great but I would love to finally get the whole program on video at long last.

-Mission To Mars. The Extinct Attractions Club is 90% Disneyland, and if anyone has video from Florida showing the entrance and waiting area, I'd love to see that.

-American Journeys. If anyone shot this at either DL or WDW, that would be great.

-Wonders Of China. The full original film.

-Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Seen it on downloaded video from now defunct but would like to see it in better quality on regular video.

-Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln (old program). Ditto. Have it downloaded but would like to see it in a better format.

And am always open to getting new versions of attractions I already have.
You probably already know this, but a good portion of the Hall of Presidents program was incorporated into the original 1971 WDW Grand Opening broadcast (with Julie Andrews, Bob Hope, et al) that was rerun on the Disney Channel back in the good old days. It also featured most of the highlights of the departed Mickey Mouse Revue.
Yes, I do have that broadcast but strangely the copy of it that I have does not have anything from the Mickey Mouse Revue. My copy came from the NBC vault and has the original Disney GAF and Eastern Airlines commercials and runs 90 minutes, and only Hall of Presidents and Country Bear Jamboree are spotlighted. The Hall feature though only had the roll-call and Lincoln speech and none of the filmed portion of the show so it is only at best about 20% of the show.

I'd be more than happy to trade for this other version that I presume was shown on Vault Disney (RIP) that has Mickey Mouse Revue.
I have no idea. The person I got it from, or the person he got it from would probably know. Getting vintage newscasts out of the archives I know more about, but most of the time it's just knowing the right contacts.

For all I know it could have come from a Disney vault. The NBC peacock opening is on it ("The following program is brought to you in living color on NBC") at the start.

I've watched it several times so I know I'm not suffering from brain lock when I say Mickey Mouse Revue is not on it. I think what I'll need to do sometime is make a direct comparison of the two versions and that will settle things. My suspicion right now is that the MMR could have been used for the Vault Disney version as a substitute for some celebrity sequences in the original NBC version. Appearing in my copy are not just Julie Andrews and Bob Hope, but also Glenn Campbell, Jonathan Winters and a lame bit at the Grand Prix Speedway with Buddy Hackett and race drivers Bobby Unser, Mark Donohue and Jackie Stewart.