hello and good morning, afternoon, evening,etc.., ALL!!! i am posting my track listing for a Walt Disney World 2 CD Official Album, that I would LIKE to SEE, very soon!!! I would like everyone to feel free to post their own along with mine, I feel that if we all do this, and Mr. Thornton, stops by for a glimpse, of what has been going on here, and sees this, he will know what the fans WANT!!! so enjoy looking at my track listing and feel free to post your own as a reply to this post, thanks for reading thus far and have a great day and may Disney music live forever!!!


Track Listing for Future Walt Disney World 2 CD Official Album:

Disc 1:

1. Opening Artist Song

2. All Aboard

3. Welcome Medley

4. The Enchanted Tiki Room - Under New Management Suite

5. Peter Pan's Flight Suite

6. Mickey's Philharmagic Suite

7. Snow White's Scary Adventures Suite

8. Sonny Eclipse Suite of unreleased material

9. Space Mountain Exit Ramp Suite

10. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin Queue Theme

11. The Timekeeper Suite

12. Stitch's Great Escape Suite

13. Cinderellabration Suite

14. Epcot Main Entrance Suite (New Version)

15. Ellen's Energy Adventure Suite (ex: Theater I Load Music, "Big Bang Theory", Theater II film, and Dinorama)

16. El Rio del Tiempo Suite

17. Maelstrom Suite

18. The American Adventure Suite of unreleased material

19. Honey, I Shrunk The Audience Theme

20. Living With The Land Suite

Disc 2:

1. Food Rocks Suite

2. Spaceship Earth Finale Theme (Complete Version)

3. The Great Movie Ride Suite

4. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Suite of unreleased material (Nazi March and Incan Temple Chant)

5. Sounds Dangerous - UnderCover Live Theme

6. One Man's Dream Suite

7. Tree of Life Theme

8. It's Tough To Be A Bug Suite of unreleased material

9. Dinosaur Theme

10. The Timekeeper (Entire Film)

11. Mission Space Medley

P.S. - Mr. Thornton, if you see this post please consider the tracks given for release on an official album for WDW, thank you so much for everything you've done for the fans. i really appreciate it as does alot of other people!!!! take care!!!


You read my mind. This looks great, WDWGuy08!!! The only thing I would add would be a Tower of Terror suite. I'd love to hear the music from the ride AND the preshow in high quality. Give it some thought, Mr. Thornton. Thanks!!!!!!

Have a GREAT day,


I have a couple of thoughts and comments regarding the WDW official albums

An Idea - Why not on each WDW official album in addition to the regular and new stuff put one track that is like a lost retro track. Like maybe If You Had Wings or maybe the 77-91 MSEP with the WDW voice on it? All the rest could be current but just one little nugget right at the end or something.

A Comment - I am really surprised that with as heavily as WDW is marketing the Stitch attraction that they didn't try to get Mr. Thornton to put something relating to that on the official album. It does actually have some
interesting music to it.

Songs I'd like to see:

Lights Motors Action Theme
One Little Spark (New Version)
Epcot Entrance (New Version)
Stitch Music
and all the other things that were mentioned above.

Just my two cents worth,


Dr. Know

I would love to see something... anything from TIMEKEEPER on the next OA before that attraction is demolished. Help us, Randy Thornton, you're our only hope.
At some point in the future I'd love to hear the Adrianna Casellotti Snow White Wishing Well and Grotto version of "I'm Wishing" included on one of these compilations.
If each individual park had a 2 disc, I would like to see these tracks for MGM.

MGM Studios

Disc 1

1. MGM Studio's Entrance Loop - Hooray For Hollywood

2. Studio Icon Loop - Somewhere Over The Rainbow / Singing In The Rain / Trolly Song

3. The Great Movie Ride Suite

4. Animation Courtyard Loop - Bug's Life / Into The Sunlight / Little Mermaid - Main Titles

5. Playhouse Disney Theme

6. Voyage Of The Little Mermaid

7. One Man's Dream Musical Suit - Black and White / Color 1 - Color 2 / Walt Disney Theater Load / Unload...

8. Lights Motors Action Theme

9. Millionaire Theme

10. Disney's Stars in Motorcars Parade - Currant Version

Disc 2

1. Star Tours

2. Muppetvision 3D Theme

3. Sounds Dangerous - UnderCover Life Theme

4. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

5. Rock n Rollercoaster - News Radio / On Board Audio Flow

6. Tower of Terror - Preshow Score / Boiler Room Atmosphere / On Ride Narration and Score.

7. Beauty & The Beast - Live Stage Show

8. Fantasmic Preshow - Let's Go Surfin Safari / You' ve Got A Friend In Me / Iko Iko.

9. Fantasmic - Full Show

10. Fantasmic - Exit Theme


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Re:ATTN: RANDY THORNTON!!!!!!!!!!

first of all, i added more exclamation points, lol!!! secondly, anyone have any more tracks they would like to see on a 2-cd official album of wdw?


how about the complete soundtrack for Tower of Terror. I would love to hear the preshow on an album or the entire ride sequence. The corridor scene has been left off all the albums along with most of the ride's sfx.


well hopefully in 3 months like last year, i believe, we will hopefully start seeing the track listing for the 2006 ofiicial album that will come out in in the fall! im hoping mr. thornton will see this and get some ides of what WE the fans would DIE to own on a disney official album to listen to over and over and over and over again and again till the cd is worn out and have to go out and buy another one, hehe!!! well if anyone has any suggestions on something i might have forgotten, please, by all means let me know on here, take care, all!!!