Attention: Owners of Tokyo Disneyland Small World CD


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I am thinking about ordering the Small World disc from CD Japan but had a question: How much of the attraction's queue music is included on the disc?

I am assuming that the Tokyo version of Small World uses the same queue music that I have come to love at WDW's Small World. Any help is greatly appreciated!



I just received the Small World CD and even though
it doesn't have any of the queue music it's still a
fantastic disc! It would have been nice if it had
been on the CD,however I think the queue music
was available from Disneyland Forever listed as
It's A Small World "Area Music" (1:53) Does anyone
know if this is queue music or was it music used to blend as you go from area to another?
Disneyland Forever also had the Small World Clock
piece. Perhaps the clock isn't used at Tokyo Disneyland.
Anybody have an answer? -MitchB


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The "area music" you mentioned is simply an instrumental version of the Disneyland attraction soundtrack. Here at Disneyland, it is used in the cue area and is not the same as the cue music at Walt Disney World or Tokyo Disneyland.


So, we all know the new copy protection is on the TDL Small World CD. I'm curious what people's experiences are with the CD.

I've not yet gotten to play it straight through once yet without getting *huge* pauses between tracks. Of course, on this CD, since it's supposed to be a seamless float-through, that makes the gaps even more annoying.

Is there anything that can be done about this? I'm not even worried about trying to rip it on the computer, I just want to play the dang thing...and they've taken away that, too.


My CD plays without pausing between tracks. I've played it on two different players and I've not
noticed any pauses between tracks. I wish since
they went to the trouble of making a special CD
for the attraction they would have included all
the music. (Clocks, queue area) Perhaps the
folks at Disneyland that put together the Haunted
Mansion and Pirates CDs will start working on
other attractions. I'd be happy to provide them
with my wish list. -Mitch


I guess it's just me. :( Maybe I actually have a bad physical disk or something. I've tried playing it on my PC--just flat out doesn't work--and on both CD players I've tried, I get random long pauses every now and again between tracks.

Of course, this would happen on a disk I can't just take back to Tower or Virgin...heheh. C'est la vie... ::)


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Bill's right, the CD wasn't very nice to my PC. It made it crash. It would play fine using its own player, but I tried using MusicMatch, and it wouldn't cooperate.

The CD does play just fine on my discman, and my stereo, and there are no pauses between tracks. I just don't recommend playing it on your computer.


Actually, I just did some testing on the disc and was able to use Easy CD-DA Extractor on my PC to successfully rip the CD with no problem. Apparently, the key is to define the length of time you rip from the final audio track to be 2 seconds less than the apparent time displayed by your app. So, in other words, you'd rip tracks 1-42, then rip track 43 separately, two seconds shorter than the full track length shown. Those two seconds contain no actual audio data.

Now, of course, I was only doing this to create an MP3 for personal use on my MP3 player. Just so we're all aboveboard here.
Has anyone tried to copy this CD using a CD player/recorder that is NOT computer-based, like the one that I have as part of my "stereo system"? Will it work, or would such an attempt cause "meltdown"? I still haven't got the CD, but I was just checking on cdjapan to see what ELSE I need before ordering it! Mike.
Thanks, Bill--actually, I wasn't anticipating copying the Small World CD, but anticipating what to do about copying if this copy protection phenomenon becomes more prevalent! So, it sounds as though "it" doesn't like letting you make a digital copy--I have a dual-tray CD recorder, so it sounds as though if I tell it to make an analog copy I should be OK?!? Mike.
Bill, on my Sony model, you can change the input to either analog or digital. Even now with certain CD's, if I ask the recorder to make a digital copy, it won't, and will automatically choose the analog mode(I'm not sure of the reason, I wasn't aware of any copy protection). I wonder if this is what will happen if I try to copy the Small World CD. But, in any case, as you say, I certainly can't hear the difference between analog and digital! As I mentioned though, one of my main concerns is just getting prepared for a potential future of copy protection CD's. Mike.