Attention DL Cast Members: Frontierland Area Loop

X-S Tech

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I am a former merchandise Cast Member at Disneyland, and on one of my few shifts in Bonanza Outfitters in Frontierland I was paging through the reference binder at my register. Now normally this binder contains information on the park in general, phone numbers, cash handling procedures, merchandise info for your location, etc. You can imagine my surprise and delight then when I discovered a page which listed the title, running time, and source information for the Frontierland Area Music which plays just outside the shop. I had scant few minutes left in my shift so I quickly grabbed a piece of register tape and began gathering as much information as possible. I got the entire playlist and much of the source albums names, and numbers. Unfortunately, at the time was not aware of this sight and all of my attempts to locate this small piece of paper have failed.
Please if you are a Disneyland merchandise Cast member and work in Frontierland, please make a copy of this list, a photocopy if possible, and post the information here. This was an invaluable resource.
Also, while I was quite dilligent and checked for other such resources, I never did find any other lists like this in any other lands. But if you are a cast member in general, scour the sources you have access to.
While we may never get a hold of the exact loop that Disney used for Frontierland all of the individual pieces appeared to be commercially available. Thanks everyone!