At 95, "Georgie Russel" passes on.....

"Howdy name is Georgie Russel." Buddy Ebsen's narration and singing on the Johnny Appleseed Storyteller 45 I listened to as a child(and still enjoy today) will always hold a special place in my memories. Buddy was Davy Crockett's sidekick, as well as many other film characters throughout his long career. It wasn't until fairly recently that I learned of his critical role in the development of Walt's audio-animatronics. As you all may know, in the early 1950's, as part of Walt's venture into a new field of entertainment, Buddy was filmed for study against a measured grid performing a vaudeville number; his moves were then transferred to a nine-inch dancing man by studio artists--"Project Little Man"(currently on display in the Walt Disney tribute at Disney-MGM Studios!). This miniature concept was later scrapped, to become the life-size audio-animatronics that are an essential part of the experience at Walt's theme parks(see "Disneyland The Nickel Tour," by Bruce Gordon and David Mumford).

Thank you for everything, Buddy--a job beautifully done!