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This is, I'm sure, a question better suited to other boards, but since I don't belong to any others...and I'm familiar with you folks, I thought I would ask a question which I've pondered for years.

One topic that seems to reoccur in various forms in regards to Disney is the subject of religion. Having met many collectors & fans, I know that there are many Disney collectors, fans, etc. for whom religion is a vital part of their lives. Indeed, the issue of religion has been evoked with regards to Roy's efforts to "Save Disney". Furthermore, I also find that for many Disney fans, the two are somewhat intertwined...perhaps because Disney has always created entertainment that was family oriented, espoused specific morals and values, etc. I am curious, for those of you who ARE religious...How are the two related/unrelated in your worldview? You can answer it if you're NOT especially religious too....I'm just interested to know how this company, which means so much to so many, assumes a mantle of religious relevance in people's lives....or not.....

I'm not referring to those folks who TREAT Disney as a religion. I'm not writing a doctoral thesis on this, it's just curiousity fueled by a lifetime as a Disney fan and a preacher's kid.
Not as OT as you can get

The fan part of Disneyana is drawn from the word fanaticism which has its pictorial based on the bloody history of Christendom, Judaism and the Ottoman empire. The fact is many heretics and infidels have strong passionate veiws and form many camps in Disneyana to Pentacostalism. This calls in sectarianism from the followers of Roy (Southern Baptists), Mike (Catholicism .. Hey the Pope is in control right) with small independent faiths riddled with disbeleif and apostasy (Pixar, Diane, etc.)

OK thesis done.

My personal view is that the two, Disneyana and Religion though based in emotion [as is all things in life except math] may evoke strong emotions, but that is where the similarities ends. My religion runs deep and wide. Disneyana is sentimental creek beside my relationship with the Creator. And Disneyana runs afoul more times of late.

Yeah I know...Eisner... its like.. just a little obvious.

I was just waxing theologic and was making the comparison to an outright corporate oligarch to the true definition of Popishness.


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Shrug...I don't follow the religion I was born into, nor do I follow my husband's. I guess I'm pretty agnostic. And so, with that, I don't see ANY religion within Disney. I kinda try to not see ANY religion in ANYTHING .

Maybe I am not understanding your question but I dont see what one has to do with the other. The Disney Company has been involved with plenty of things that are not suited for the whole family. What do religious beliefs have to do with Dsney?


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He's not saying that Religious beliefs have anything to do with Disney. What he's asking about is people superimposing their own beliefs on Disney.

I have also known people who are very religious and associate Disney with absolute wholesome family values (which makes sense). However, I've also seen those people hold Disney up to their belief standards, and are upset when Disney does something that doesn't adhere to those standards.

It's not that Disney and religion really have anything to do with each other, but some choose to interweave the two.