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At long last the Wonderland Music Store name actually surfaces at DL! The style of the images on 2 of the 3 kiosks are now themed to the Wonderland Music Store. There's a sepia toned photo montage showing the original shop and sign. The search screens have been altered as well. Mostly little style changes and most everything has been changed to Sepia Tone.

I'm still confused though. Is the Wonderland Music store just the "virtual" store represented by the kiosk system, or is it the actual location on Main St.. I'm hoping that the whole store changes it's name.
Re:Article: Randy and Wonderland--and Paul Frees!

Thanks so much, I did miss the article--great information! One fact I zeroed in on was the discussion about Paul Frees, and the mention of a book about him, which I wasn't aware of. I just did a quick search on amazon, and found it in paperback, published 3/04. It's a biography by Ben Ohmart, titled "Welcome, Foolish Mortals....The Life and Voices of Paul Frees." Sounds essential to me, anyone know anything about it--Tim, Greg???

Here's a link to it:

Yes, Ben Ohmart's biography of Frees was just released in either March or April. It is very well done and the most complete analysis of Frees' career anyone is likely to be able to compile. In fact, some readers may find it is a little TOO complete, as Ben chose to discuss every minor film in which Frees performed opening narration or dubbed a couple of lines, even when his contribution has little or no bearing on the plot. Such is the price for being comprehensive, however!

Buy it!
Thanks Tim! Lots of details are fine, it'll allow for further Frees exploring; the real test is, does Ben list Paul's narration of the trailer for the classic 60's horror film, "Thirteen Ghosts"? I stumbled on it last year in a video compilation of some less-than-classsic horror film moments hosted by everyone's favorite ghoul, Zacherley!