Around the World in 80 Days


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On June 15 the soundtrack from Walt Disney's Around the World in 80 Days will be released on CD. The CD will contain three songs (including a horrible new version of "It's A Small World") and original score composed by Trevor Jones.


01. All Over The World (Join The Celebration) - Dave Stewart and the Sylvia Young Theater School Choir
02. River Of Dreams - Tina Sugandh
03. It's A Small World - Baha Men
04. Around The World Overture (Score)
05. Jetback Journey (Score)
06. The Wager (Score)
07. Rendezvous In Paris (Score)
08. The Balloon Chase (Score)
09. 1st Class Waltz (Score)
10. Prince Hapi Escape (Score)
11. Agra To China (Score)
12. Return Of The Jade Buddha (Score)
13. Lost In America (Score)
14. Dismantling Carmen (Score)
15. 'Exactly Like My Dream' (Score)

Score performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

You can listen to soundclips at


Dr. Know

Suffice it to say I skipped the first three tracks and moved right on to Trevor Jones' rousing orchestral score, which weighs in at over 48 minutes on the cd and is a real corker. Recommended!!

Thanks for the endorsement, Jim, I hadn't even checked into its availability! We're Trevor Jones fans, going back to the Dark Crystal, with probably my personal favorite score of his being Angel Heart, with Courtney Pine's spooky saxophone work perfectly fitting the movie's theme.

But--I'm still a little afraid of "Jackie Chan meets Jules Verne"......anyone seen the film yet???



Just a short reminder for anybody who MIGHT be interested in the "It's A Small World" rendition by the Baha Man: this recording has already been released on DisneyMania 2 ... which seems to become the new series of Walt Disney Records to publish excerpts of upcoming soundtrack releases prior to their official street date.

One question though: is there any connection between the song and the movie?? Is it actually played in the movie?? Can we expect a Jackie Chan rethemeing of It's A Small World?? ;D