Are you kidding me???

"The most interesting event of the "gold carpet" arrivals involved Michael Eisner. As you'll see in the photo below he was carrying a set of gold Mickey ears. Many of the celebrities wore theirs, while others just carried them. However, when asked by a photographer to put his Mickey ears on, Eisner's attending publicist responded with "not a chance." Read into that what you will."

Thats just rude and VERY unprofessional..... Those gold ears gave him a LOT of $$ over the past years.... :mad:


If I would've run into Mr Eisner dressed as he was, I would've pissed my pants too!


When I was at the park yesterday, he was booed twice by the crowd. Once was when he was out in front of the Mickey floral before the park gates opened, and everyone waiting just outside booed him. Then again when he came out on stage during the media event.
They gave mickey a flee dip right before the event, they were nervous that micheal had fleas and they didnt want mickey to catch them.