Are they even using "Who Knows Where A Dream Might Lead"?


Hey guys!

Got a question- I?ve read almost every post on the parade/fireworks show for DL?s 50th and NOTHING mentions ?Who knows where a Dream might lead.? One post said that the parade song was going to be ?Welcome? from Brother Bear. The fireworks show sounds dangerously similar to Wishes. Let?s hope for some new, clever material.

Thanks for your info. Have a great day!



As for the Parade of Dreams, the "Welcome" song from Brother Bear is going to supposedly be used for the show stop. The actual parade music has not been heard, nor discussed. For all we know, it may not be written yet. I heard that Steve Davison wants there to be an overall underliner, with music coming from each float that fits that floats theme and that also works with the overall underliner.

As for Remember...Dreams Come True, only act one is modeled after Wishes (and I read that this will be different from WDW's version of Wishes). The majority of the show will be an audio tour through the lands of Disneyland with Walt as our guide.

As For "Who Knows Where A Dream May Lead", I have yet to even hear it. I heard that many were not impressed with it when marketing was using it in presentations at TDA.

And as we all know, anything and everything is subject to change. Even after the parade or fireworks, or whatever, is actually premiered (remember Parade of the Stars), music and whatnot could be changed or altered.


ps. I would hope that for the 50th, and the parade especially, that they go with something upbeat and catchy, like Tokyo's "Join the Party" opening number of their show Mickey's Gift of Dreams. But who knows!!!!