Apparently no one has watched "Your Host, Walt Disney"



I don't remember ever seeing this posted, but if you watch the "Your Host, Walt Disney" DVD and zero in on the episode explaining where the ideas come from for the cartoons, listen to the "Crazy Over Daisy" song. I knew Walt recycled...I'm curious to know how this song was recycled.

Anyone have an idea?
I believe Leonard Maltin explains it briefly as that song was rewritten to use for one of the specials as Meet me Down on Main Street. The Mellowmen apparently sung it. If there's further explanation that I've missed, I'd love to know as well.
The song popped up twice initially on Disneyland Records: on the MelloMen album "Meet Me Down on Main Street" (WDL-3012, which was on the Wonderland CD system, featuring the Main Street lyrics), and "Donald Duck and His Friends" (DQ-1212, featuring the Daisy lyrics). This version, sung by Chip 'n Dale, appeared many times on singles and reissues like "Mickey Mouse and His Friends" and "The Mouse Factory."


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Yes, my ears perked up when I watched "Crazy over Daisy" on YOUR HOST. But... I missed Leonard's remarks. I'll have to go back and listen.

But "Meet Me Down on Main Street" showed up on additional Disneyland album: Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland (WDL 4004). Listen to it on "Main Street, U.S.A." with player piano, Orchestrion, Marching Band, and Calliope.