Anything worth getting at WDW now?


My parents are at WDW right now and want to know if I want anything. Is there anything available right now that I might want? I do not have the last official WDW CD because I saw no reason to get it. Last year they got me the Wishes CD so I have that too.

Are any of the park DVDs worth having?

Thanks for any info



I have three relatively new park DVD's. First released last year was The Magic Kingdom. Next was Animal Kingdom and just a few months ago, Epcot was released. I like them-they are not long but the Magic Kingdom disc has some good extras. To me, they are worth the 20.00 each they cost. You might enjoy those.


matt d.

Hi Leesa,

I have been considering buying the WDW park DVDs. How is the coverage of the parks? I would expect it to be pretty fast paced with only a little time on each attraction, but is there any video footage of the inside of attractions (especially the Haunted Mansion)? And about how long is each main feature in the DVDs? What is the format like: is it a tour by a filmed cast member(s) or is it more like voice-over with no one filmed?


matt d.


Dear Steve,
Great page of links. I only have the Magic Kingdom DVD.
It's a little more detailed than the pre-planning video.It's
similar to the videos that were sold before they produced this DVD.It does have some bonus features.
There's some video of Walt and the Lincoln animatronic from the old World of Disney tv show.
Also,video of Walt and Roy visiting their hometown of Marceline.One special feature lets you use the angle button on your remote to give you different vantage points while viewing the train ride and the steamboat.
For example,you can change the view from the right side of the boat to the left.There's also a trivia option.Little boxes with trivia pop up while you view the video.
I think the Animal Kingdom DVD includes the "making of" video that was sold when the park opened.I don't know what the bonus is on the Epcot DVD.If anyone does,please post.