Anyone intrested in an Electrical Parade DVD?

My freind Steve VanderLinda has put together a DVD of of Different versions of the Electrical Parade. They are:

Disneyland (1978) this was a 16mm film sold at the park
Disneyland (1992)
Walt Disney World (1991)
Walt Disney World (2000)
Tokyo Disneyland (Year unknown but it is the Dreamlights version)
EuroDisneyland (1992 w/ the saince removed Small World units)
Disneyland Paris (Year Unkown)
Disney's CA Adventure (2003) **

** I filmed this portion and for my contribution Steve is giving me a share of the profit from sales of the DVD

For more information contact Steve at:


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I taped it Bill, but we were sitting in front of TDS on 5th Ave. and a lot of the floats were dark by then, because of the bungled "battery life" job they did. The tape is also still buried in a box somewhere and hasn't seen the light of day in 3 years. but yup, I have it on tape . The TV special too, as I recall.