Anybody watch Lion King SE with the new song?


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I picked up my copy last night and watched the first half of the movie before bed (man how I love that movie). Anyway...I was very surprised at how seamless "Morning Report" fit into the film...BUT...I felt it was unecessary. I went back and watched the original sequence and remembered how cute it was (with Mufasa spinning his finger around to tell Zazu to turn around). The song was not needed at all. It was well done, and did fit the tone of the film well, but why bother? There was nothing wrong with it before. Also, for some reason Jeff Bennett's voice gets on my nerves. I guess maybe it's because he does a lousy British acccent (he does Professor Porter in Legend of Tarzan too...badly).

This brings me to another topic...slightly OFF topic, but related to voice actors. Why do they have the "new" character voices on the same darn movie? The first thing we hear on the Lion King DVD is the Jeff Bennett Zazu...and then when you play the film it's Rowan Atkinson...I HATE that. Snow White did it too with the Magic Mirror. Sleeping Beauty too, with the fake Merryweather...It's not so bad when the new voice is on a completely unrelated film, but when it's on the DVD of the movie the original came from, don't people notice???

Anyway...I'll shut up now. I'm curious what others thought of the new DVD.

P.S. Bill, if you have the CAV laserdisc...keep it and don't get the DVD.


I got it yesterday and watched it, and I think I liked the original better. I love the song Morning Report from the Broadway show, but the new scene doesn't pull it of nearly as well. To me, the changes in the voices of Zazu and Simba were a bit too obvious, and the animation almost seemed a bit off from the original. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing this scene and that's why it seems like that, but in any case, I wasn't real impressed with the new scene. IMHO, go back to the original film.



After the inclusion of the elaborate and enjoyable "Human Again" number on the "Beauty and the Beast" Platinum Edition I was a little let down by "Morning Report." Really not much there. The film is still great but I thought the DVD extras seemed less "in depth" than on other recent editions like "Snow White" and "Beauty and the Beast." More puff pieces.

Disney certainly does a good job with their Platinum Edition DVDs. However what would make them REALLY special would be to give us all a break and not start the program with the hated "coming soon" drill. I would PAY not to have this automatically come up on my disc. (They could have special boxes marked like they do for the dumb full-frame versions) This is kind of the annoying "pop-up" ads of the video world. Do they really think they are making happy customers each time we have to skip a preview. I look at them once and ONCE is enough. Forcing me to skip these everytime I put in the disc makes me want to see Cinderella 5 even less than I had before I bought the current disc. If I want to see ads I'll watch TV or pay $9.00 at the theater. (Another rant for another board)

Also they should re-think where the stupid "Disney DVD" logo animation is placed. The one with the embarrassingly animated Tinkerbelle. If this is needed at all, it isn't, it should be there when the disc is loaded rather than another logo to be endured when one chooses to view the feature presentation. What's the point? ??? Oh gee I thought I had put in the VHS tape into my DVD player by mistake. We know this is a "Disney DVD" already, we had to skip over the ads to get to the main menu.

Also I would be a much happier camper if Disney could take a lead from Warner Brothers and others and put the ?don't copy? copywrite titles at the end of the disc. I just BOUGHT the darn thing at Best Buy I wasn?t planning on copying it! And ya know if I was a big time video pirate I don't think that message is going to stop me from stealing it. I bet at this point in time Disney has more attorneys on payroll than they do animators.


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SFMike, I agree with you. I also think the Disney DVD logo is awful and redundant. Especially after having to skip previews, watch the THX certification, the Disney DVD logo, and then finally get to watch the opening credits...

Also, I really don't understand the whole "Disney DVD" thing anyway. Disney doesn't own DVD. Yes, it's a Disney DVD, but that's not an actual format...Isn't it enough to just have Walt Disney Pictures on the cover? Its like they're saying Disney DVD is different from all other DVD's out there. Next we'll have "Disney HTTP", or "Disney Air".
Dang it Bean!

Now my copy of George of the Jungle 3 and That Darn Cat 4 will be sure to have one of those cardboard covers.
(Easier for those with small fry to have ruined and have to go buy another one)