Any other recent WDW Theme Park albums?


Hi there-I saw the track listing of the new 2006 WDW official album...are there any other recent albums available for sale in the park? (ie Hallowishes, etc.) Or can anyone recommend a site that lists current music available for sale in the parks (EPCOT, MK, AK, MGM?).

I'm going to WDW in 2 weeks, and want to see what is available.

Thanks for your help with this!
I hoping for the Tiki Room. The ORIGINAL, no Iago, NO Zazu, etc. (but I live in Southern California where the original park & attraction is, but that post of mine is for those close to Florida,esp. David S., Zorro and other posters here who have commented..DS used to post on Disney parks related Disney NG's..)


the entire old tiki room attraction audio is already released its on the 6 cd set isnt wdw's and dl's the same?

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Though I think the Wonderland Music release of the Tiki Room CD would be more complete as the 50th set for some reason omitted the line "Buenos Dias Senorita".


Does anyone know if anything new has come out lately? The people that replied to my question must have been replying to another thread...
I just returned from WDW and the following were available:

* New WDW OA
* Magic in Streets - parade memories
* Festival of The Lion King
* Illuminations - Reflections of Earth
* Wishes
* Animal Kingdom - Music from DAK

The only "new" and recently released is the current WDW OA and that was released a couple of weeks ago.
Hope this helps ya.



Thanks for your reply Chuck. Guess I won't be spending a lot of money on theme park albums this year... If only the Wonderland Music store was still open!

I'm on the fence about the WDW OA for this year...I'm not sure if it's worth it for just a few new tracks...