Any official park cds news?

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Well I know we are getting a new WDW album. Just dropping a line to see if anything more is known about that? Track listings, or at least ballpark release date? I'm hoping its released prior to my trip in April.

On a tangent, what if the parks did a multiple disc set of Official albums. That is 4 or 5 (or 9 or 10) that would be released one at a time, with a good mix of everything on every disc. One disc may have a couple old favorites (like Yo Ho from Pirates and a generic Small world Loop) for the folks who have never bought an official album before, but on that same disc they also get a flow through for the Maelstrom, the Space Ranger Anthem from Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin, and a segment of the Liberty Square Loop.
Then when the next disc comes out, it has a new mix of stuff, equally representing the common and the rare. The second disc may not have the tried and true Small world song, but it has the polynesian loop and chorus (and what common tourist is gonna know the difference?) Plus their old favorite Grim Grinning Ghosts is there with the Bear Band Serenade.
Does this make sense? I would certainly buy each and every volume.


That's a great idea! That would work good out west as well! We could get the usuals such as Yo Ho and the NEW Small World, but also things like Honey, I Shrunk the Audience and maybe some Paradise Pier music! What I would really like to see is a release of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and a ride mix (not insturmental) of Indiana Jones and Star Tours! Those would be great too!


Cinderellabration: Lights of Romance (AVCW-12318) 12/02/2003
Disney Dreams on Parade (AVCW-12319) 03/2003 (moved back from 02/2003)
Tokyo Disneyland History Best 1983-2003 (AVCW-12326) 26/03/2003
Mickey's Gift of Dreams (AVCW-12329) 16/04/2003

Dr. Know

The Tokyo parks release new cds all the time... What about Epcot? California Adventure? WDW? DL?

Come on!!!

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I agree, there is no shortage of Great stuff coming out of Japan. But my above idea is meant as an alternative to the usual Official Album, which usually only has one or two new tracks (which of course we are greatful for) but which of course is supposed to appeal to the broadest audience possible and therefore doesn't ever veer to far away from the standards.
I second an Epcot CD. This park not only has the most unique music, but attracts a more sophisticated audience, an audience that is more likely to appreciate a wider spectrum of music. Here's to an EPCOT 21st (as in Century) anniversary collection!
I also think that the only way we're going to get a significant amount of new park material is through multiple CD releases--otherwise we'll just keep getting "the usual suspects", with MAYBE a few new surprises, if we're lucky! A few possibilities might be to offer an album of only park "classics"--Yo Ho, Grim Grinning Ghosts, IASW, etc., while other releases contain material not previously available, and to keep that concept going on a regular basis(a little different from what X-S was suggesting). Another possibility is to simply do the releases park by park, as was already suggested for Epcot--Magic Kingdom/DL, Epcot, Disney/MGM, Animal Kingdom(there already as been a release of AK area music). We can only hope......Mike.


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Yes, if Disneyland and DCA can get separate albums then WDW should too. I just think 1 CD for the entire resort is much too limiting. An album for each park sounds great! I think that the average tourist would buy them too, especially if they have a favorite park. They could also do as you suggest, Michael, and release a "parkwide" CD with just the standards, and then offer a separate CD for each park.

I think a boxed set would probably be out of the question though, unless it was marketed specifically at the Disneyana and collector (redundant, I know) crowd. I just don't think "Joe six-pack" would buy a boxed set.

I do hope we see more material in some capacity soon though...