another "where's this from" request.


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There's a thread over on Rodentsections by PL-7764 who is trying to find out where a "Splash Mountain - complete ride" section of music is from that's been floating around the Internet some years back.
I have the same files several times and although all low quality, thay vary from 32kbps to 96kbps but, apart from some rather bad balance adjustments, are the same (from several places over the years) with the addition of cover art on some but, as far as I can tell by looking at the track listing, it's not from that album which, I think was 1997
This is what the IDV3v2 tag says.
Title Splash Mountain Ride
Artist Disneyland Critter Country
Album Disneyland
Track 00
Year 1989
I've uploaded the file here:
If anyone knows where this originated, please let me know so I can put the other chap out of his misery ;D


It's been said in the past that they were going to release a Splash Mountain track at one point but then didn't and what's out there is a leaked copy of it, with lower quality versions from people who've only ripped it while listening to an online radio stream.

I assume you're talking about the full ride through file and not the long file including a bunch of demo tracks in it.


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That rapidshare file is the full thing (around 11 minutes).
there are six tracks as follows:
How do you do (group - not character Vocal)
How do you do (oooh oooh version birds?)
Everybody has a laughing place (bees?)
Everybody has a laughing place (everyone )
Sooner or later
zipadee finale (welcome back to Brer rabbit) with the whistling etc "he's learned his lesson"
It's all one file with fade in/out between tracks.
The low bitrate would be right for a radio version.
The only difference in the versions is the balance between channels - on some the characters are louder, on others the music.