Another music change at Epcot


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The Living Seas is expected to open November 23rd with the new Sea Base section complete. The new attraction will not be complete until mid-year 2006. The new Sea Base includes a brand new entrance (The Hydrolators are gone) as well as Nemo theming through out the base. Recent rumors indicate that Turtle Talk now has a more formal line queue. A new background music (BGM) loop featuring music from the Disney/PIXAR hit film "Finding Nemo" is expected to replace the old Living Seas BGM Loop.

Sorry to see Epcot lose more of its original music. :(


I think that's highly speculative on miceage's part; the old BGM music is still playing, and the Living Seas is set to open this Wednesday, so I really doubt there's been a change to the BGM, and if there was, they would've proabably already started it.

On a side note; I've gotten to see part of the new "Seabase", and it's extremely weird walking in from where the hydrolators used to it's just a panel of glass doors. I always thought the hydrolators were rather a waste, but at the same time, the Living Seas just doesn't seem the same without them.