Another legend gone - Sam McKim passed away 7/9 :(


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On 7/9, Sam McKim passed away. No one has mentioned it much at this point, so I thought I'd let everyone know. For anyone who ever owned a Disneyland wall map, you've seen his incredible work.

He will be missed...


I'm so shocked by this (and saddened). My family & I ran into him at the local Ralphs here in Sunland not 2 months ago, and he looked to be in great health...

He was a master on the original Disneyland Maps, and a big inspiration to myself.

He will be missed...
This is real sad..........pouring over Sam's maps and drawings as a kid really was a big reason for me to get a degree in architectural design.......and I know many others (Ex-WDI!!!) really mastered his style..........I was suppose to see him this coming up weekend, very sad. I'm very greatful for the time I ever spent with these guys like Sam, Marc Davis, and John Hench........these guys really were design gods....

Much saddness,

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My main memory of Sam is his great Pirates map, that I first saw in my Pirates Disneyland souvenir book from a 1976 Disneyland visit.....wonder how many times I poured over that thing. Funny though, it wasn't until the past several years, during my Disney "renaissance", that I discovered who the artist was who created the map, and then, of course, came the discovery of the rest of Sam's contributions which made him another legend. Thanks, Sam.....