Annette Funicello Songs question

I know Annettes songs where all released thru buena vista. When she did her beach party films with frankie avalon and alot of those songs where also released. One song seems to elude me as iit is cut out of every recent release of the film beach blanket bingo. She sang a song called "I'll never change him" Is this a "disney" issue?? The films are all from another studio. I found online a version of the song directly from the film...before it was cut in recent releases..... The song would have occurred in the film after one of the characters calls out for Lorilei in the ocean and before they go back to the sky diving school.
"Beach Blanket Bingo" resulted in a United Artists LP with Frankie Avalon singing songs from the film, but for some reason no Buena Vista "Bingo" album was issued with songs by Annette. Because of their contracts, Annette and Frankie never recorded together, to my knowledge, until they did the single "Together We Can Make A Merry Christmas" in the 70's.

Donna Loren, who played "Donna" in the film, recorded her own Capitol album of "Beach Blanket Bingo" songs, which includes "I'll Never Change Him" and is available on CD on amazon. The listing contains a very knowledgable account of Loren's career in the review section: