Annette album restoration question?


I have a question on the Dance Annette tracks-does anyone know if these versions are those that were restored and released for the Annette Funicello-Girl Next Door (2 disc cd). I also have some of the tracks from the Japanese release on the Best Of Annette Japanese release.

Was there a subsequent restoration? That way I won't have to buy all of the tracks from I-tunes as I probably only need about 6 that weren't previously released.

And I assume that the quality of burning it as mp3 at 160 speed from my cd is higher than that of the I-tunes AAC?

Please keep the Annette albums coming! I'm hoping to see more of the Beach albums released (Bikini Beach, Pajama Party, etc.) -hopefully Disney still has the rights to these?


Depends on your encoder but 128 aac(itunes) is usually compared to 160/192 mp3 for equivalent quality. If you're worried, rip it as a lossless file, otherwise you probably won't notice.
On the ?Annette? album, WDR Japan released these in the late 80?s early 90?s as a straight transfer from the record master with little or no restoration. When I included some of these tracks on the ?Annette: A Musical Reunion with America?s Girl Next Door? boxed set, we went back to the same master and transferred and restored them at 16bit / 44.1 kHz. For the iTunes release, I again went back to the original master, but transferred and restored it at 24bit / 96kHz. So what?s now available on iTunes is from a higher quality master, but the difference between the box set version and the iTunes version (because of the compression) you may find to be negligible, but it is the entire album and sounds better than the original CD release of roughly 17 years ago.

Hope that helps,
Randy Thornton


Thank you for the clarification, Randy. Sounds like I may need to upgrade, if not just for a more consistent sound on the album tracks.

Please keep the Annette and additional WDR releases coming! I'm glad to see these available again...Keep up the good work!