Anne Hamburgere and new shows for Disney worldwide


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I thought I let you know that Anne Hamburger granted an Interview to the German stage musical magazine "Musicals" and talked about her plans for new shows at Disney resorts worldwide.

You can find a complete report with all relevant statements at if you scroll down a bit to the title "Anne Hamburger, Aladdin & Paris", but here the most important points in a short abbrevated form:

- Aladdin is set to continue its run at DCA
- A Snow White stage musical is to open at the Fantasyland Theatre directed by Eric Schaeffer (Artisitic Director of the Signature Theatere Company in Washington, D.C.).
- Anne Hamburger insists that her new productions at the theme parks are not ment to be try-outs for later Broadway productions
- Hong-Kong is getting a 2,200-seat "Theatre in the Round" house which will feature a Lion King show
- Walt Disney World most propably will get a Hyperion Theatre build very soon which may be opened with a show based on one of Disney's Princess stories.
- For the other resorts (speak: Paris) there are no definitive plans but the success of Aladdin "has prompted us to think earnestly about construction similar theatres to the Hyperion at the other parks"



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I'm not looking forward to any of the American Productions going toward our themeparks. Namely Snow White. The styles are straying too much to where guests won't understand the storyline or the comparisons (or contrasts for that matter) between this version and the original. New and Fresh isn't always best.

If it's anything like History dictates..Much will be lost in the translation. Furthermore, wh

Aside from what was recently posted on miceage, It seems pretty obvious that the wrong people are being brought in for these shows. I'm not understanding why we the guests are the only ones who see this.

While Aladdin is great for a Themepark show..It's nowhere NEAR broadway calibre. To compare it to Broadway is someone needing to find a spot for egos. Confidence is great and I'll even go one step further and say that I really like Aladdin,bBut it's much different than a broadway experience. What really makes me nervous is,... if Aladdin was supposed to be a Broadway worthy/style show and this is what happened. What's going to happen when they shoot for an actual themepark attraction, like the ones coming up? The powers that be should continue to overshoot which still boasts a quality show, whether it reach Broadway Worthiness or not.




DACS hits it all right on the head. Live entertainment was MUCH better at the Disneyland Resort prior to the hiring of another Eisner mistake Ms. Hamburger. This artsy East coast snob has dismantled the excellent team that used to fill the park with quality shows. Now we have the show budget going into the pockets of Anne and her New York friends as they try to make theme park entertainment "edgy." Like we were all complaining about seeing those characters in the big costumes?.the ones she doesn?t like.

I hope the 2,200 seat Hyperion Theater in China will not be as cost conscientiously designed as the one at DCA. I mean put a restroom in this one. Personally I would rather see another great show like the outdoor "Hunchback" show than the DCA Aladdin show. If you have been to Disneyland in the last year you know that the live shows there are now cheap and aimed at toddlers. We used to have shows that were fun for all ages. Anne Hamburger is another example of Disney mismanagement and its sad that she will continue to deconstruct the Disney we know and love into a Disney that no one asked for. :'( At least I hope she and Eisner are happy. That makes two. Oh yeah?.and her friends from New York picking up paychecks.


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I have to say, I think Anne & gang are aiming off-the-mark with these productions. She can deny Broadway asperations all she want's, but it seems to me she's trying to get some kind of attention in that direction. I've heard about the new Snow White production, and it sounds like it will be strange. Kids may have a hard time recognizing the characters if they are not the familiar ones they grew up with.

Hopefully Ms. Hamburger-patty will not remain too long. Her budgets are insane for theme park shows, and they could go toward building new rides (or even maintenance) instead. It's not like Aladdin is generating staggering attendance numbers at DCA...


Bill, having at one time in the past been a small part of the New York theater world I am well aware of a certain east coast attitude that the world of culture revolves around what comes out of the dank canyons of Manhattan. And further it is up to these self proclaimed artists to take the message of contemporary culture to the wholesome bumpkins in the rest of the country. It was that sort of creative environment that led me to leave New York and roll with the rest of the nuts and loose screws to the west coast. We have our own version of hip ?innovators? out here and maybe it?s the weather but they don?t seem as strident as the ones from New York City. Maybe it comes from being a publishing hub or something. So I?m not ripping on everyone in the arts in New York, just a group of theatrical posers that I have come in contact with in the past with attitudes that remind me of the mindset shown by Ms. Hamburger. That of let?s bring edgy uptown culture to the uncouth theme park crowd. It will be good for them?.and us. I?m sure there are tons of great artists working in New York right now that could really energize theme park entertainment. It?s just Eisner once again didn?t make the best choice in management potential. His record is unparalleled.

Yeah Ben C, I to had hoped that with the current budget cuts at the Disneyland resort and the only moderate success of Aladdin at DCA we would see the departure of Ms. Hamburger. Her budgets have decimated the rest of Disneyland live entertainment. It?s sad. Look how long it took to get rid of Paul Pressler and not before terminal damage had been done. If you think I?m being too strident or hard on Disney management just look at the current condition of feature animation at Burbank. I refer you to the topic on this list ?OT What Fresh Hell is This?? Let?s not forget the great success of DCA. Those X-Games rocked didn?t they? We hadn?t seen that stuff before! Monorails fallen apart? Don?t run them! No attractions in Tomorrowland, who cares the folks still come for the ?magic? residue of years gone by. That residue is stretched mighty thin right now. But on topic we still have great area music! :D