Animagique show and CD ?


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Hi everyone , what you think about this Show ? The CD has been released a month ago and have you heard it ?

what you think about the CD ?


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I don't know about the show itself, since I haven't seen it yet, but I love the CD! It's very well done. I especially love the theme song. "La, la, la, la, la, la, Animagique". I know those lyrics don't sound like much...but it's a really catchy tune, and there are more lyrics at the end. I especially like the interjections during the end of the theme song (track 7) like... "Anima-Jack? No, A-ni-ma-gique! Anima-joke? No, A-ni-ma-gique! The orchestration and arrangements are great too. I like the Animagique CD much more than the new DLP 10th Anniversary one.


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

I know that quiet a few will want to stone me for that but for me the show Animagique is the "Steps in Time" of the Walt Disney Studios in Paris.

Why? That's a long story ... so excuse if I try to reduce my complaints to the, in my opinion, most important points - but first of all the story: Donald and Mickey are dawing an animation, while Mickey can leave on time as he has finished his work, Donald stays longer in the atelier as he has been unable to draw anything decent. Certainly he opens the locked door to the archives which he was told not to open (the key drops fromt he sky). Inside a lot of film cans dance around and he hops into one to get into the according movie, once a scene is finished another can comes up, he hops into it and so on, till he eventually returns into the archive now fully of great ideas and starts drawing, when Mickey comes in, who realizes that Donald was in the vault. The two get drawn into teh vault again and everybody comes on stage for a big finale.

But no on to my complains:

1. too repetive (correct spelling?). It is, as you need to know, a black light show. One of their effects in actors in black going out into the auditorium, where they walk around between the guests with little pink elephants circling above the heads of the actors. Neat effect - the first time, but tehy return later in the show with fish, then again later with birds and then once more doring the finale.
In other words: the show comes up with a great effect that you really enjoy but then they repeat it over and over again till you get bored.

2. those pink elephants. This scene takes like ages, first there are pink elephants dancing above Donald on the first floor, then there are pink elephants coming from backstage dancing behind Donald and then there are pink elephants dancing with Donald. ARGH! And don't forget: some huge elephant heads without body on clearly visible sticks are walked around the auditorium by actors (that is if you are lucky and the full cast is employed during your show).

3. the effects - the never live up to the quality of the effects at The Little Mermaid in WDW. Plus: all too often actors miss their clues (don't get me started about that Donald during the previews which was about half the distance of the stage away from the point where he should have been), especially the scene under water and inside Monstro are everything but impressive. Oh and those wodnerful cardboard-cutouts of animals for the Lion King, great!

4. the story - why is Donald hopping from movie to movie and why are film cans showing up in the right moment everytime? Why is a key falling from the sky?? Why are Mickey and Donald drawn into the vault for the finale only to let us see how the set of the vault moves out to the left and the right of the stage to get everybody dancing infront of a black background?

5. the music - the themesong, especially as heared during the finale, is quiet nice, but the pre-show-version with the children chorus is worse than It's A Small World. It misses all the more or less funny lyrics of the end-version but has just the "Animagique" and the "la-lala...". Once you had to wait for 15 minutes with the song playing (usually guests don't wait longer than 5 minutes inside the theater) you will "love" this song too. But I'm not that happy with the instrumental versions of the original score either. While they are good work from a technical point of view they sometimes sound a bit flat. But then I must say: the music is really the best about the whole show.

But don't forget: this is just one person's opinion...



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It is hard for me to judge the show solely on the music, but yours isn't the first negative-ish review I've heard about Animagique. I do like the music to the show, but this situation reminds me of the DCA Official Album CD...a really great listening experience for a pretty bad park!

All I can say is that I'm not going to be flying to Paris anytime soon just to see Animagique!!
Hi there... is the CD still available in the park? What are the DLP/DS CD's avaiable at the moment? Thanks. Have a great weekend, guys!! - Matt


HI Matt,

available right now at DLRP are:

1. Animagique
2. MSEP single (with the soundtrack of the fireworks included as second track)
3. Les Paradens en Musique (soundtrack of the parades with the exception of the WDS-parade)
4. Une Journee a Disneyland Paris (mostly instrumental music, including excerpts of the parades and some show, all from the Disneyland Park)
5. Frontierland en Musique (including Mickey's Winter Wonderland show soundtrack)
6. Wonderful World of Disney Parade theme song single

Note that even so the Animagique CD is still available the show has been reworked and now features a different soundtrack with vocals for the songs from the classic movies where this CD is mostly instrumental.



Although the tracks for the new show havent been (and probably wont be) released, my friend works in the show and was given a full CD of the NEW show to rehearse to. Unfortunatley, I never managed to get a copy when I was there but I will try and get him to send it to me.

As I remember the CD was split into many short tracks to make it easy to skip to different bits for rehersal, so if I cut them together we should have a decent full CD of the new show.

I'll keep you all posted.