An Old Film on a "New Revolution in Tape" and "Meet the Soundtrack"

I guess this was not made by Disney, it was produced by Jam Handy and RCA, Walt Disney's arch rival in theatrical sound recording where they were talking about a "New Revolution in Tape". This reminds me of "Fantasia" during a "Meet the Soundtrack" sequence. Here it is.

If you enjoy all of these Jam Handy/RCA films like "New Dimensions in Sound", "Living Stereo" and "A New Revolution in Tape", I'll give you as an extra bonus, a scene from "Fantasia" where Deems Taylor introduced the soundtrack. I've seen it many times, and I still enjoyed it! Except, I have the 3-LP soundtrack from 1957 when it was in Stereo since it first came out a year later in 1958. Imagine, if you play the "Fantasia" stereo LP, noticed the difference where the tone arm picks up the groove and gives you a total sound like the one where it locates the instruments in the orchestra. This is the one for you to enjoy. Here's what Deems Taylor has to say about the soundtrack.