An early Christmas present


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Another fantastic vinyl.
It's things like this that disappear over time - especially in-store demo discs like this. A fascinating insight to the times (oh dear, I remember them :- )
Congratulations for obtaining it and for letting us hear it.
Keep up the good work.
See Social History isn't boring ;D


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I need a copy of this album! Love the artwork, wish they could have done a little better with the voices and stuff but It is great just the same. Thanks for sharing! :D
Thanks Fan, it's fixed. ;D

The 4th of the "12LPs of Christmas" - The Little Lame Lamb. You can hear it here:

This album appears to have been sponsored by Family Circle Magazine who did an article feauturing the story and also had a page to order the record. you can see the magazine cover and a couple of pages in the link above.

I appologize for the poor quality sound. I have not been able to aquire a good copy of this record. :-[
Hey "makeminemusic"

I found this one off of the "Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing Blaaahhhggg" forum under the "Christmas Shario Music Sharing" section, "godzzla" has found a really old album released on the MMC label entitled "Mickey Mouse's Christmas Surprises". They put a link to a Megaupload to share this one. Here it is.

I'm sure you can add this one to your site soon.

Thanks for the info but, I am only adding songs/albums that I personally own the vinyl source and have recorded myself.
I got home from work last night and was looking to record more Disney Christmas albums. I walk in the living room and there is my Magnovox stereo (moved from my garage office/Disney room) being used as Christmas decoration and candy table (annual ritual ;)), I protest, but no way can I move it until after the Holidays ::)

Guess the rest will have to wait till next year :-[ At least I have several other Non-Christmas Disney albums recorded on hard drive already to go online. ;D

Hope you all are enjoying the Holidays so far!!


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For the baby boomers on the board, this was played in dept stores in the early 60s to help sales of Golden Records. Starts out with some nice Christmas music by some of our favorites stars like Capt Kangaroo and The 3 Stooges :wacko:. Anyway, it is an interesting piece of history. You can hear it here:
Quite a few of the Golden Records are availalbe on CD and/or as downloads. I don't know of a good way to search for them on iTunes, but go to Amazon and search for MP3s with the phrase "Liberty International" (in quotes), and a bunch of them will pop up. They have Captain Kangaroo Christmas, Bing Crosby "Christmas Story," Casper the Friendly Ghost, Alfred Hitchcock's Ghost Stories, Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop, and a bunch of others. Looks like most of them are available on CD, too.