An African Tune for Horizons

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From Disney's Animal Kingdom...

[/floatleft]Zibuyile Nonyaka (Things Have Happened This Time) 2:38
by Mahotella Queens & Mahlathini
on Best of Mahotella Queens: Township Idols
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This track debuted on Mahotella Queen's Izibani Zomgqashiyo in 1986. Good luck finding a copy of that one. It also appeared on a 1990 African music sampler from Rykodisc called :lol: [i]Out of Africa[/i].

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CD purchased. Thanks for the tip!
Did you go with the more readily available Out of Africa?

Since the Animal Kingdom opened in 1998, WDI could not have used the Best of Mahotella Queens album that I listed here, as it wasn't released until 2003. They would have had to have used one of the earlier releases. I already have the CD I listed here, though, as I needed it for another project.

For the sake of accuracy, we should probably go with Out of Africa when we add this to the 'Playlists' section. I'll need to produce a thumbnail for it, though.