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Hello all,

We a putting together a patriotic presentation.

The basic outline is: a) a triumphant (farefare) opening b) a brief history of the nation (Declaration of Independance. etc, in the tradition of The Ameircan Adventure or the Hall of Presidents); c) short 9-11 tribute; d) the future of america and great achievements (also like AA)

I have Golden Wings on CD, but does anyone have ANY other suggestions i.e. expanded American advanture or Halls of presidents soundtracks, other songs or albums, soundbites of past presidents or great american events, photos that might fit (beatiful shots of american sites, renderings of dec. of independance, etc.



We a putting together a patriotic presentation... Declaration of Independance... renderings of dec. of independance, etc.
Make certain that you utilize correct spelling ("independence," for example) in all your graphics. Good luck with your project.


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Any of the CD's by the Voices of Liberty are great and would make a big impression. They are available through WDW mail order and other retailers I believe.
If you have access to the Hall Of Presidents LP or the Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln LP or World's Fair soundtrack, I would urge using Royal Dano's Lincoln speech which to me has the most timely relevance regarding the enduring strength of America even in the post 9/11 world. Although the speech has different variations in delivery and different intros and closings in the two programs, the core section "Shall we expect some transatlantic giant to step across the ocean and crush us at a blow?" is identical, and IMO is one of the most effective dramatic readings of Lincoln's words I've ever heard.
You can get the Hall Of Presidents and Great Moments tracks from the IRC and other forums where Disney audio is available, though of late it's become more problematic in trying to get hold of them.

You can e-mail me at and I might be able to consider doing a burn of what I have.

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Disneyland also sells the Mr lincoln album through their mail order. It's now on CD. Its also got several other speeches and music. if you have the time to wait for the shipping I would urge you to pursue this option just to support the company's rellease of this sort of material.

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If only Disney would release the exit music from the New Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, one of my all time favorite pieces of Disney Park music. You'll never even hear it unless you loiter after the presentation.
Where is the mail order for the "Great Moments" LP on CD? And that I assume is the extended 35 minute version, right (as opposed to the 7 inch souvenir record from the World's Fair)?


the soundtrack from the movie "Glory" from James Horner has very patriotic music. Huge choirs, drums.. etc... it's a little slow though, but it might fit.
Anotherone that could work is the Patriot by John Williams i guess, though i didnt listen to that score for a long time now, so I'm not sure *how* patriotic it is...
and apart from that the patriotic Disney stuff (american adventure, hall of presidents, etc) will do i guess...