America Sings...? for Randy

Randy, will the version of America Sings be the politically correct version that we all saw and heard on the attraction (and its official soundtrack LP) or the non PC version which had the whole "who shot that hole in my sombrero" lines changed (and is the version available "on demand")
Who shot that hole in my sombrero?
Who put that bullet through my hy-at?
Who shot that hole in my sombrero?
Who would do a turrible thang like thy-at?

I cain't figger
Who'd pull that trigger.
You don't reckin mah wife could be back in ty-own?

Sorry, couldn't resist... :)

I would almost bet that it will be the politically incorrect version that is currenly "on demand."
Actually.....i think the on demand version is the UN PC is not the retail lp version....i just bought the on demand one.....he speaks it with a very thick accent and says "did he do this cause i kiss his wife?"

someone the other version is technically less offensive


If I'm not mistaken, the Un-PC version was released BRIEFLY through the Disney Forever system... but then was quickly pulled and replaced with the PC version. The original can still be found floating around however.
im, confused which version is which.....???

isnt the actual show version the PC version?

the actual show version is not whats "on demand"
The first version is the non-pc one--------it opened at Disneyland for the press and the cast member prevue
days.......this also was the edition that was on Disneyland Forever--the dog has a heavy Spanish
accent "did he do this because I kiss his wife!??"
* it also appeared on thr press preview album

The second version features the dog re-recorded with a
"Gunsmoke - Festis voice" and is reworded "you don't reckon my old wife is back in town?"

I don't beleive this version was ever offically available on CD



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I got my copy of it on the Disneyland Forever one... he says, "Did he do this because I kiss his wife?" I don't know if that helps anyone. Probably not.
ok, then it is indeed still the UN PC version that is being offered on demand on main st at 20th century music......cause my new copy does include the "Did he do this because I kiss his wife?" line


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I got America Sings from the old Disneyland Forever kiosks myself and on my CD he says, "You Don't Think My Wife is Back In Town." I don't know what it says on the CD thats available on the new kiosks.


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I just checked the date on mine... June of 1998, the Disneyland Forever kiosk on Main Street in Disneyland sold me the one that with the "kiss his wife" thing. Maybe they changed it a few times, because it seems really hit and miss from what everyone is saying here.
My Disneyland Forever copy is dated 12/05/99 and includes the Festus-sounding "You don't reckon my ol' wife could be back in town?!" line.

Never knew there was an alternate version.


For anyone wondering, the version that is on the 6-disc set is the one that says "Did he do this 'cause I kiss his wife?" :)
Three cheers for going with the un-PC one! Though maybe this will spark complaints leading to a quick withdrawal and repressing with the PC one, making this first one a soon to be more rare collector's item! ;D
I don't think it's that bad. At least it can't be any worse than on the chilling, thrilling sounds of the haunted mansion record the lady saying something along the lines of bong chong mong and then saying she's not supposed to be speaking Chinese.



You just made me smile and laugh out loud. I used to LOVE listening to that woman speak all crazy on the record!!!

I have countless hours logged in laughing at that woman. (sigh)

Good times..... good times.

Tim C


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Yeah, that part of the record made me laugh, but just because I was so shocked. It came out of nowhere, and I couldn't help laughing, thinking "Oh my god, I can't believe I just heard that!".