America On Parade... Randy?

Side note to all the park cd sets that have been released the last few years. curious why when the Disneyland 50th set...among them have been eleased... all the America On Parade music was and has been omitted. Im glad i raided the WDW forever system years ago and was lucky enuf to getit thatway. Randy... any hope of a high quality release of that parade... among others released....?? Would also be great to hear high quality... Mickey and Donalds 50ths among others..too


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While on the subject of coveted parades, one that has never surfaced nor have I heard anyone talk about it is the WDW Surprise Celebration parade for its 20th anniversary. I'm really amazed, cause it's so great. Along the line of Party Gras (in fact it used the same huge balloons). Check it out on youtube. If you can hear the music well, I'm sure you'll all agree.