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Similiar in what respect?

I have seen nothing that has the variety and availability of what Rodentsections offers, not even close.  Used to be a few sites, SwatFox seems to be gone, and MouseGeeks is pay for service (and from what I've seen it's mostly available on Rodentsections anyway), and then Sound Of Magic, but most of that is crap frankly.

Is there a problem with Rodentsections?


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torrent sites? no. sites that have massive high-res video libraries? not really. mousetimes has some videos they make themselves and post high-res standard definition usually.


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Most of the other sites with Disney vids have them at a much lower quality and, often, just one take ride through, not the edited rides we can get here.
I was quite an avid user of Visionsfantastic (and still visit from time to time) but the majority of the best stuff isn't really as good as what is available here.
Most of it is just too low quality to, say, transfer to DVD to watch on a TV and on the PC it's a tiny little box.
That's not to say they are not interesting, of course.
I have an enormous collection of these lower-quality vids just because I like watching them - everyone films something different from the last.
Not to mention that Rodentsections is free as well. ;D
I bought the entire sets of DVDs for Disneyland and WDW and most were not as good as the majority on here.