Alternate Universe Summer Magic


Has anyone else noticed that the very begining of the Alternate Universe version of the Carrousel of Progress, (the first 10 seconds or so), sounds exactly the same as the motion picture soundtrack version of Summer Magic's main title (not the Album release version but the actual movie version) Perhaps Randy has some insight on why that is???
Hiya DisneyChris!

This is just a guesstimation, but both were Buddy Baker arrangements of Sherman Brothers tunes. I also think that with these two projects in development so close to each other (Summer Magic was released in 1963), a bit of style from one may have influenced the other - either by chance or on purpose.

That's my guess. Good catch, DisneyChris!



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Not to mention the time periods for "Summer Magic", and the first act of the Carousel of Progress were roughly the same, at the turn of the century. So, the arrangements would sound similar anyway. It's funny how each composer has a "sound" that defines them. Both Buddy Baker and George Bruns are identifiable, even when they are creating different scores...I find that interesting.