All-Star Resort area loops?

Okay, I'm guessing this task may be very scary and next-to-impossible, but I'm not sure if people noticed the area loops in each of the buildings of every All-Star Resort ever, and I'm not really sure if anybody would be crazy enough to stay to hear the whole thing in each building. That would be an adventure in and of itself. But what I can do is I can make note of some of the songs I heard when I walked past...

All-Star Sports:
Stadium Hall: I'm not sure, I couldn't hear much over the crowd noise...

Home Run Hotel:
I don't know if this would be the same thing played at Main Street Athletic Club/Casey's Corner, but it sounds like it could be from the subject matter alone.

Hoops Hotel:
"She Likes Basketball" from Promises, Promises by Bacharach and David
"Miss Playing Basketball" by Beezewax
did they play "Basketball Jones" by Cheech and Chong or "Basketball" by Kurtis Blow in the loop? Anyone know for sure?

I just heard a lot of college fight songs. If you heard anything else, please let me know!

Surf's Up:
Plenty of surf-rock, I gather

Center Court:
I think I may have heard "Philadelphia Freedom" by Elton John in one loop, I'm not sure now...

All-Star Music:
Melody Hall:
Possibly a mix of every building, maybe even some disco thrown in for good measure even though there's NO DISCO SECTION!

I couldn't tell from artist, but they were all calypso, I knew that

Country Fair:
A lot of country, Keith Urban? Toby Keith?

Broadway Hotel: (This was basically the only area I knew)
Ragtime: "The Wheels of a Dream," "Goodbye My Love"
Kiss Me Kate: "Another Opening, Another Show"
The Lion King: "Upendi," and some of the other songs from the sequel, even the pop version of "Circle of Life"
Songs for a New World: "The New World"
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: "Give Them What They Want"
Damn Yankees: "Goodbye, Old Girl"
Forum: "Lovely"
And I think I heard the "Wicked" finale on the bus there one time...

Jazz Inn:
Maybe some John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, anyone know for sure?

Rock Inn:
I couldn't hear much of the rock one, so I couldn't tell... sorry...

All-Star Movies:
Okay, basically the whole place was extracts of film score/songs from each of the respective films.
In the lobby, the only songs I were able to make out were "Rock the Pond" from D2: The Mighty Ducks, and a piece of score from "Toy Story 2."

Any help at all you could give me on the music for this spread-out place, I would appreciate it. Thanks!