ALL Disney fans MUST read this!!!

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He gave plenty of reasons why he liked Disney. That his explanation doesn't inspire that same level of obsession in others doesn't mean it's an inadaquate explanation. Can you explain (for example) why you love your child or significant other? You can give the reasons but they are unlikely to adaquately convey to others the passion you feel.

Have we bagged on these guys enough yet?


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To be more clear, I was referring to this:

I ask him if he knows why he's so into Disney.

"Uh, no," he says. "I've been doing it so long, it defines me. I tried to figure that out. I just ended up with no answers..."
"It would be nice to know why I love Disney, he says. "Because I could use it in some kind of marketing program to attract other people."

It just seems like he might have an answer for that.

If that's what floats his boat, fine. Just too bad he's missing out on so much outside the berm.


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Went to Japan (and TDL) in 1994 and Paris (and DLP) in 1996. Bill's right....Japan is an AWESOME country and my husband and I are planning to go back in 2005.

Paris, OTOH, smells like pee .


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I'm from Staten Island. CIVILIZED people, wh don't pee in the streets, live there .

I don't remember where we stayed, though the word "Opera" was in it and it wasn't far from a chain Italian place called Mama's. I know...real good description there .


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Have you seen (or read) what the "civilized" youth on Staten Island has been doing lately? I'd prefer the pee, frankly.
There slummy parts of Anahiem folks. Urinating against the wall is even mentioned in the Bible as a disgusting habit that has plauged mankind (mostly womankind) for thousands of years.

Paris is lovely. Rome was superb. London was majestic. But it depends on your focus. They are not a theme park and by no means can they be an E.P.C.O.T of Walt's vision. (can you imagine "fired" from the city for peeing in the alley! and since you cannot just be dismissed from life ...Death penalty for public urination? .. But then I guess Stalin or Hitler had similar laws .. the final solution?)

Focus on the beautiful (belive me I try to practice this everytime I go to the park!) and you will be a happier person, Sage advice from Uncle

Jeff in Orange County

(Writing your name in the snow however is perfectly understandble behavior for all the young at heart!)


Completely OT, and of no importance at all:

there are NO Mama's restaurants AT ALL in Paris -- I live there! --

It might have been the Bistro Romain, which indeed is a chain, and there sure is one close to the Op?ra.

Yes, some areas here smell real bad, as in any big city, I guess...

But there is more to France than Paris.... as the Impressions de France movie do showcase....


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Well HARRUMPH to all of you!

I'm sorry...I just didn't like Paris. Liked London. Loved Japan. Like Canada. Going on 7-day Disney Cruise next week...I'll tell you how I feel about Mexico .

BTW, my husband, who saves EVERYTHING, still has a business card from our hotel in Paris:

Hotel Bergere Opera Best Western
34, rue Berg?re - 75009 Paris



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Not sure eactly why I loved London. The lack of a language barrier was definitely a factor (I felt more at home there), though I loved Japan too and spoke next-to-no Japanese . I enjoyed the places we visited more (Stonehenge, Longleat, I forget what else). Enjoyed shopping there more. Other than that, I really can't put my finger on it.

But nope, Londond didn't smell like pee, that I could tell .

And to stay (sorta) on topic...I bought more Disney CDs in England than I did in France.